I go to WPPI every year. I have actually been going for the past seven or eight years, and I can’t believe how much life has changed since then! I remember sitting in the way back of a crowded room and hearing Becker, Joe Photo, and Mike Colon speak–never in a million years did I imagine what my future held and that they would someday become incredible friends. I remember planning out every class I would attend, going through the WPPI packet trying to figure out what to fit into my schedule and how I could cram as many classes in as possible. I remember sitting in classes with the Australian boys (Marcus Bell, Jerry Ghionis, Yervant), and thinking, wow, these guys are just so far ahead of the game. I couldn’t have known that just a few years later I’d be able to call Jerry and grab lunch with him when he’s in town. I still have the urge to grab my notebook and pencil when he starts talking. What blessings I’ve been fortunate to have!

WPPI holds a special place in my heart, because I’ve attended during every phase of my career. From being just an office manager before I was even really shooting, to FINALLY being asked to speak this year (a culmination of so many years of effort), it’s funny how my perspective on the whole thing has changed, but the week has remained a constant. I can attribute a large part of what has happened in my career to incidents directly relating to this tradeshow.

For the past couple of years, as readership on this blog has grown, I inevitably get emails the week after Vegas from people telling me they saw me here or there but felt weird saying hi. PLEASE DON’T!! I welcome any opportunity to meet anyone who wants to say hello! I’m terrible with names in group situations, so please also forgive me if we’ve met and I blank out. In addition to being super excited about my platform this year, I’m also quite nervous which makes me very forgetful!

Here’s my schedule as of now, in case you want to drop by!

10:30-10:45-shootsac booth
11:00-11:30- speaking on the tradeshow floor at the PICKPIC booth
11:30-2:30-shootsac booth
2:30-4:00-walking around the tradeshow floor
9pm-??-[ b ] party

10:30-10:45-shootsac booth
11:00-11:30-speaking on the tradeshow floor at the PICK
3:00-5:30-shooting an engagement session
9pm-??-bludomain party

10:30-1:30-shootsac booth
2:30-4:30-PLATFORM talk for WPPI (I’ll be talking about the top ten mistakes I’ve made in my business, the top ten things I’ve done right, and I’ll be giving away ten of my favorite items!)
5:00-?? Poker

Attending the MAGIC textile show!

If you want to say hi, ask questions, or whatever, come to one of the three speaking engagements–otherwise, I’ll feel really dumb if nobody comes!

Oh, and go BUY A HIPSLIP—they rock!