Getting to know each other is fun, isn’t it? Below are lists of things about me–50 things I love, and 50 things that bug me. Also, a photo from Nicola’s 5th birthday party which I shot a couple of weeks ago that had an art theme, just so this post isn’t boring. The party had an art theme and was so so cool–the kids had an absolute blast!!

Leave a comment below with something you love or something that bugs you–I’ll pick a winner on Monday night and that winner wins a free SHOOTSAC! You must leave your real email address so I can hunt you down and find you 🙂

things i love

1. snow, and the way the world smells right before it snows
2. finding $5 in my pocket, old purse, drawer, or shelf
3. my iphone
4. thanksgiving dinner
5. when i have a new season of a show i’ve never seen to occupy me on long flights
6. leftover mac and cheese. the powder kind, not the velveeta kind.
7 when my house gets organized
8 when something i ordered online shows up and i forgot i had ordered it
9 someone else making dinner
10 hot chocolate with little marshmallows
11 direct flights
12 when other people drive me places
13 crunchy corn dogs
14 finding out how much i have in common with someone i like
15 clay curling irons
16 finding new restaurants that nobody i know goes to yet
17 driving over 100 mph and not getting a ticket
18 good hair days
19 making mischief
20 wedding crashers (real ones)
21 being cozy
22 homemade coupon books
23 late night card sessions with friends
24 bose quiet comfort headsets
25 chocolate covered strawberries
26 jeans that are fresh out of the dryer and still fit
27 when britney spears shaved her head
28 going to the batting cages and hitting in the fastball cage
29 creamy horseradish sauce
30 fondue, the bread and cheese, and the dessert part, in particular
31 friends that think i’m weird but love me anyway
32 first dates
33 theme parties
34 finding out that the coolest girl in high school got fat
35 eating out of the mini-bar at hotels
36 getting my hair cut
37 taking the “do not disturb” signs off people’s doors at fancy hotels
38 the perfect white russian (just SLIGHTLY more kaluha than vodka)
39 dinners for six to eight people
40 vega$
41 removing annoying people from my life
42 perfectly wrapped presents
43 new sunglasses
44 wearing clothes in fall colors
45 dexter, lost, entourage, and the office
46 having food in my fridge
47 big, gaudy, tacky rings
48 those really thin sharpie marker pens
49 being able to walk into friends houses without knocking
50 having no work to catch up on

things that bug me

1. jeans that come out of the dryer and are still slightly damp in the pockets
2. getting my finger slammed in the door
3. when i buy a dvd and can’t fast forward through the previews
4. people who ride their brakes when driving in the rain
5. people who ride their brakes when driving in the carpool lane
6. clowns
7 mayonnaise and the people who eat it
8 nonpareils. although they are my favorite candy, what does the word “nonpareil” mean?
9 meatballs with not enough sauce
10 when i cut ribbon for a gift a tiny bit too short to make the bow
11 having a great idea for an invention then discovering it already exists
12 people who give serious answers when playing family style games
13 orange juice with pulp
14 when christmas decorations come out before halloween
15 when i’m looking at real estate online and the only photos are of the neighborhood, not the house
16 cats and cat people
17 turtleneck long sleeve shirts
18 property tax–shouldn’t i only have to pay that the year i buy the property?
19 when i think i’ve tivo’d a new show only to find out that it’s a rerun
20 back fat in dresses
21 matching pants and jackets, especially in loud patterns
22 yappy dogs that lick
23 shabby chic
24 paper cuts, especially in the joints of my fingers
25 when the ends of feathers stick out of pillows and poke me
26 people who dress their daughters like twins even though they look nothing alike and are years apart
27 heidi and spencer mugging for the camera and faking their marriage
28. when things that are funny in person don’t come out funny over text or email
29 boarding the plane hours before its ready to take off
30 screaming children (not babies, children) in restaurants or on planes
31 antique store owners
32 the business name “gentle dental”. that’s just a mean trick.
33 dark meat chicken, especially in chinese food
34 people who fake problems to get on the Dr. Phil show
35 when i check the mail and there are only bills
36 charity functions that cost more than the money they raise
37 days that are too hot to be comfortable outside
38 when people don’t respond to my calls or texts immediately
39 running into ex-boyfriends at unwanted times
40 laura ashley
41 not getting cell service anywhere on the perimeter of my neighborhood
42 sweater sets
43 twittering something to everyone when it was supposed to be direct
44 when people speak other languages at the nail salon. i know you are making fun of me.
45 ice skating outfits
46 slutty halloween costumes
47 when someone brings me water with no ice in it or with lemon in it
48 the free credit repot dot com commercials
49 hybrid names like dannielynn. it’s danielle or it’s lynn, not both.
50 buck teeth