For an ugly sweater party, that is! There’s not much I love more than a good ugly sweater party, and the one last night hosted by the always hospitable Victor Sizemore was no exception! There’s few words for the ugliness that ensued, so I’m going to skip the verbiage and get right to the good stuff:

Personally, I think my sweater was phenominally ugly. Who’s with me??


Actually, it was kind of sexy:


Tony Bisson always causes a scene:


So does Becker. I picked out his outfit–wasn’t it amazing??


The Boutwells were so creative with their outfits! Don’t you just love when they DIY? Their baby is so lucky to be born into such a crafty family!


Jasmine & JD look cute together, don’t they:


But as far as being matchy matchy, The Norwoods took the prize!


Never to be outdone, Justin & Amelia Lyon were in rare form:


Oops! Someone forgot to tell Regis that it was supposed to be ugly CHRISTMAS sweaters–he just wore an ugly sweater!


Aren’t the boys cute?


Aren’t the girls just a little cuter?


I call these two, “let’s make the pregnant girl uncomfortable”


I’m speechless. I’m sorry Michael and Tony, but this is too good to not post. I shot it, of course.


I do love these American Gothic Ugly photos of me and Michael


Then, there was a white elephant gift exchange! Here we have Becker with his first gift, a Flav clock, Chenin with Becker’s gift, a fruitcake, Michael with the most annoying gift, a book of Chuck Norris jokes, and JD with the Norwood’s gift, a year subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine, not to mention Becker with his final gift, Jingle Jugs. Thanks for bringing that Alex!


Vic & Rachael, thanks again, it was a blast!