Social networking. It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips these days, isn’t it? I think that as a photographer and small business owner, I have a need to connect with people that is intensified by working by myself and not having the proverbial “water cooler” that so many companies have to encourage office chatter.

Luckily, some people much smarter than me realized that, and I admit it–I’m an addict.

At first it was MySpace. I enjoyed going on there and poking around, but I never felt like the site was very intuitive or smooth, and that kept me from getting truly addicted to it. That was probably a good thing, because I was starting my photography business at the time so instead of channeling my energy into something somewhat useless, I did, you know, work, and got myself established. Score a point for me!

Next though, was Facebook. Now Facebook was a different animal altogether, because it allowed me to satisfy my need for gossip and information by clearly identifying who was single, who was in a relationship, who was hooking up with whom. As an added little bonus, I was able to throw random objects like sheep and David Hasselhoff at my friends, which sucked me in like a black hole. THEN, my friends from Kindergarten and that bully that threatened to beat me up on the bus in sixth grade sent me friend requests, and I was hooked.

As if that wasn’t enough, this past year, Twitter has seen a huge rise in popularity. If you don’t know, Twitter is a mini-blogging application, but what it really is is a public conversation between you and all of your friends. You get to find out little tidbits about people that you would never ordinarily know, and it’s so interesting how that plays out in real life. For example, I stopped by the Boutwell’s house the other day and went straight to the kitchen to snag a few of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Chenin made for Doug’s birthday. Had she not twittered about making them, I would have missed out on that stellar opportunity! Here’s my twitter:

All of these things have focused my attention on that, and less so on this blog, which I am seeking to remedy. On both this blog AND on the Shootsac Blog, I’ll be posting a MINIMUM of three times a week. No consequences this time if I fail,but how about if you all send me prizes if I don’t?! Positive reinforcement and all!

In the meantime if you want to know what I’m up to a few times a day, go FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER (you’ll need to set up a free account first) and BE MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK , but be warned–these are highly addictive sites and I’m not to be held responsible for them sucking you in 🙂

Any other addicts out there? SHOW YOURSELVES!

Here’s a photo so if you didn’t read this post, you still got a little eye-candy. It’s from Lauren & Jon’s wedding, which I’ll be posting soon!: