If you don’t know who the Mammoth Men are, get ready for some awesome overload over the next week! The whole “Mammoth Men” phenomenon came about a year or two ago when a group of friends went up to Mammoth to go snowboarding together. They just so happened to be all unbelievably amazing photographers and rad people in general, so when you get that many cool brains in one place, great ideas are bound to be born.

Earlier this year, they took an RV up to San Francisco, getting into all kinds of shenanigans and trouble along the way. They’re like James Bond–women want them, and men want to BE them!

Well, as of RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND,they are at it again, taking the RV,a couple of new friends, and their crazy personalities and attitudes on a route from the OC all around Route 66 and back, stopping in places like Vegas, Roswell, and Phoenix to cause trouble and take names. The coolest part about their adventure–there is TONS of audience participation, and we even get to vote to choose what they do each day!

SHOOTSAC is one of the big sponsors of the trip this year, and we’ve got a crazy cool promotion going on with them. I asked each of the 12 men to fill a shootsac with their favorite things, ranging all the way from bourbon, to books, to mix CD’s to surf wax, depending on the guy. Each sac’s items are individually selected by they guys themselves,and we’re GIVING AWAY each Mammoth Man’s Sac over the next week.

Here’s the catch–you must **FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER** and check **THEIR BLOG** (and this blog) every day for the next week. Or else, these things will go so fast you’ll miss out! You’ll also have to participate–there’s no telling what you might have to do for your chance to win the shootsacs! There are 12 to give away, one for each guy, so there’s lots of chances to win,but lots of people competing!

Let’s leave them lots of comments to wish them well (because you all know you wish you were there with them–I do, big time!!!) These guys are seriously some of my favorite people, and by the end of this trip, you’re going to love them as much as I do!


Oh, and watch this video:

Mammoth Men 3 Trailer from FRED EGAN on Vimeo.