I can’t believe that I forgot to thank someone super important in my last Anna & Chris post! My very good friend, Crystal Goss drove all the way down from Arkansas on back to back weekends to shoot first Fiona & Ian’s wedding with me, and then Anna and Chris. Not to mention that she has a baby at home, and another one on the way! Crystal seriously has the best attitude of pretty much anyone I know–I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love her. I’m so lucky that she was willing to shoot these weddings with me–she’s so incredibly talented, and such a kindhearted person. Crystal, THANK YOU!!

If you are in the Arkansas/Tennessee/Louisiana area and getting married late next year (late spring, summer, or fall), you should check out Crystal’s work, she’s incredible! Watch the beautiful promo she had done below–it gives a very good sense of her demeanor and personality!