Wow, are Allison and Delwin ever patient! I’ve had this wedding in my blogging queue for way longer than I’ll admit, and I’m so excited to finally post it!

The day of the wedding, there was some speculation with regards to how long Allison and Delwin have actually been together. They ask their friends, “do we count from when we met? when we started dating? when we became exclusive”? It was a point of contention the entire day, and there never was a clear answer. The only thing that was really clear is that neither Allison or Delwin remembers not loving one another. These guys had so many sweet, personal touches about their day, from the tea ceremony, to the officiant that has known them for about a decade. With the world being kind of crazy right now, it’s nice to see a couple who has become constant for each other over a very long period of time. They made a lifelong commitment to each other in their hearts and minds long ago, this day was just the outward expression before God, their friends, and family.

Allison and Delwin are a very detail-oriented couple, as I mentioned below in their engagement session post. That kind of ability to plan virtually assures a flawless wedding day, and this couple deserved nothing less.

They started off the wedding day with a pre-wedding tea ceremony. I loved Allison’s vibrant red gown:



She was so excited to kick the day off!


Delwin’s mom was also very excited:


Delwin gets a little help from the ladies:


Up at the gazebo for the tea ceremony. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!


Cups of tea were served in exchange for those lovely red envelopes 🙂


Then it was back to the room to change into the traditional white wedding gown for the church ceremony:


Delwin & Allison’s ceremony was very personal. One of the priests had known them since college, when they were involved in a group together. There were actually five of them at this ceremony!


Married, finally!!


One of the best things to ever happen at a wedding–an ice cream truck pulled up on a very hot day and someone in the bridal party bought us all ice cream (no, I didn’t turn it down myself!)


This park where we stopped was so pretty with beautiful light:




Allison’s dress and long veil looked perfect in the breeze:


So we saw this set of rings, and of course Braedon/a> had to demonstrate what he wanted Delwin to do. Note Delwin’s dubious expression in the background. I thought to myself, there’s no way this guy is getting on those rings and doing that.


I was wrong. And am I ever glad!


A couple more serious portraits, as per Allison’s request:


She completely rocked this photo:


The first dance was amazing! Allison sparkled and Delwin was so smooth:


loved it! It really went off perfectly, despite their earlier nerves:


And a nice finish:


My fave shot of the day, i think. I just loved the color in the room, and the toast expressions on the couple:





Everyone was so happy to celebrate with Delwin and Allison. Congratulations to both of you–you deserve all the best in life!