Today: July 22, my 29th birthday!

I can’t believe I’m 29. For the last few weeks, I’ve been throwing myself a little pity party, doing some kicking and screaming leading up to this day. There’s no reason for it really, by many people’s standards, 29 is young! The prime of my life! So why is it that all I could think was, “this isn’t what I thought 29 would look like”.

You see, I had a plan. It’s so strange, I didn’t realize that I had a plan until I woke up one day and realized that my life didn’t look the way I thought a 29 year old woman’s life would look. Growing up, 29 meant married, owning a home, maybe a child (although I’ve always been ambivalent about that), and a sort of SETTLED-ness that I haven’t seem to acquired. That isn’t to say that having chosen or lived another path is wrong or worse–more than anything it’s just…unexpected!

Today though, I was wandering through the mall looking for an outfit to wear to dinner with friends tonight when I realized that just because my life isn’t going exactly according to the plan I thought I had for myself, doesn’t mean that it’s any less awesome! It’s more of a readjustment of thinking, a sense of being happy with my place in the life I do have, instead of comparing it to a life that never existed anywhere but in my head.

I think that this is going to be the year that I work harder on focusing on others, on living in the moment, and being happy with what’s on my plate and not on anyone else’s, even the parallel universe Jessica that lives a settled family life somewhere in a noisy house with her husband and dog. This is going to be there year where I find out how far I can push myself to do the things that are already in my life WELL–grow my company, treat the friends and family I do have well, and spoil myself when I deserve it.

29, after all is just a number, and when you think about it, it’s a good one 🙂


Thanks to Mark Brooke for shooting these photos super last minute for me! They’re actually for the SHOOTSAC email blast going out tonight–in honor of my birthday there are some big sales going on over there–just check out the SHOOTSAC BLOG for more details!