Wow, was I ever gone for a long time! Between my traveling and shooting in Chicago, NYC, and North Carolina the past two weeks, I needed a vacation from my not-really-a-vacation, but I am now back into the swing of things, thank goodness.

One thing that I really missed while I was gone is my workout routine. Those of you who know me realize what a wild statement this is for me, because I’ve made a lifestyle of managing to do everything possible to avoid working out for a very long time! I mentioned this before, but of all the workout things I do now, swimming is probably my favorite. It has three requirements that make it fun for me:

1. I can wear something fun/cute
2. I can do it with other people
3. (most importantly) I do not have to sweat

I am pleased to announce that we now have a very mighty swim team going. There is no chance in hell that we could ever actually beat any other organization in any kind of competition that is swimming-related, but we are having a great time anyway! Actually, that’s not true. Swimming is a deadly serious business and we will not be interfered with, especially by the six year old that “accidentally” tried to ruin our practice by “playing” in the designated swim lanes. We showed her who was boss!

Some photos from yesterday:

We may have been fun before we got there…


But swimming is no joking matter:


Okay, fine, sometimes it is:


But most of the time, we train like we’re being chased by a thousand sharks. This photo was taken practicing a zen moment before returning to our Olympic-like natural state:


Chenin is the newest member of the team. The team is VERY exclusive, which is why we only have three members:


Candice is the other original founding member:


I’m the slacker of the bunch–what was I doing goofing off like this?! I’ve got it out of my system now though.