Did you ever notice that hearing a certain song can bring you back to a particular time in your life so quickly and realistically that it feels like you’re actually there? I have many different songs like that for different times in my life

When I was in college my sophomore year, my roommate and I somehow picked up an obsession for a little known band called The Sundays. I think we probably listened to their version of Wild Horses about a hundred billion times. If you would like to listen to it and/or buy it on itunes, it’s here:


If you want to hear their best album though, the one I listened too most at that time, it is called Blind


I heard it somewhere the other day and it was literally like I was back in my dorm room, 19 years old again. This July, I will turn the big 2-9. I wonder what music will bring me back to this point a decade later when I hear it?

What is the soundtrack of your life? What are the songs that make you think of other times and places you’ve been?

Happy Tuesday!