Last week, I talked a bit about Kevin Kubota’s actions and what I use those for. Today, I want to tell you about the other part of my post-processing,

I’ve said this a few times, and you wouldn’t know it based on my sharing two sets of actions in the past week or so that I use, but I normally do not use many actions. Most of what I do is tweaks in curves & levels, however, when I really want to make a particular photo stand out, the TOTALLY RAD actions are where I go for that. I have no idea what I did without them!

My absolute, 100% favorite action that they have is called Super Old Skool fast. It’s one of two actions in the set that are worth the price of the actions alone. Here’s a few photos processed with it:

This one was shot in BW with Super Old Skool Fast run on it at about 80%:


This one was shot in color with Super Old Skool Fast run on it at about 45%:


The Pro Retouch action is probably the most killer retouching action available on the market. Even if you don’t like any of the other actions (because you are nuts), getting this action is so important to your workflow if you want your clients to have beautifully retouched, but not overdone faces.

I will demonstrate on this photo of the drop dead gorgeous Serena & Jeremy, who look great straight out of camera anyway! This one really shows how pro retouch can make face retouching look SO good. NOTHING has been done to this photo but Pro Retouch (and magic sharp in the blog resizing, but it was done to both the before and after):


My most used Totally Rad action though, is one that you wouldn’t even notice normally but it makes my photos look so much better. The action is called Yin/Yang, and it basically is an easy method for lightening and darkening different areas of a photo to make it more balanced. I use Yin/Yang as the first thing I do to an image, before I do the rest of my work. It makes a HUGE difference because when you have a more balanced photo, when you do actions after it, they look better on your image. Ladies, it’s kind of like wearing foundation 🙂

Here’s an example below. This one is from Lauren & Jon’s awesome shoot that I can’t wait to blog and will be sharing with you in the next couple of days:


I decided to add one more. I get the question often about how to get those brilliant blue skies, and the answer is the Totally Rad Big Blue action. This one was processed using it as well as the Green action on the grass to get a super charged look. I don’t do this often because it is a bit too much on too many photos, but when you’ve got a killer scene like this, why not make it pop?!:


Anyway, that said, the Totally Rad Actions are, well, Totally Rad! There are 46 Ass-Kicking actions included in the set, and I have kicked ass with all of them at one point or another.

Click the Banner below to pick them up today–at their $149 price tag, they really are a steal and a serious weapon to add to your PS arsenal.