First of all, for all of you who checked out my post the other day about the Totally Rad Actions, they’ve gone and gotten themselves a **BRAND NEW TOTALLY RAD SITE**, so go check it out and buy yourself some ass-kicking actions!

Earlier this week, I headed up to Costa Mesa to shoot an engagement session for Lauren & Jon, whose wedding I’ll be shooting in Arizona in November! I’m so excited that they were able to come here to the OC and shoot with me–they are such a fun, easygoing, and exciting to shoot couple.

From the very first shots we took, they were totally comfortable with each other and with me shooting:


They are total troopers. The day we shot it was over 100 degrees, and when I said, “hey guys, why don’t you go sit by that fire for awhile”, they didn’t even blink about it!


Don’t they look like awesome dancers?! They claim that they aren’t, but I’d be willing to bet that they’re naturals:


This is one of my faves–I just love the green (of course), and the pose & expressions:


Pretty light:


This little series makes me happy!


A little playful, a little sexy:


Not to mention, great colors!


Lauren and Jon have amazing blue eyes–I really wanted to capture how gorgeous they are:


Just to show you their personalities–they are hilarious! Lauren claimed they’d been practicing different poses–I believe her, this takes work!


Lauren & Jon, thanks for playing with me and not being afraid to experiment or get kicked out. Defying authority is fun, huh?!