Well, today I am back in Maui, Hawaii for a gorgeous wedding that will take place on Saturday at my favorite location, The Four Seasons Wailea! Andrea and Scott are a fantastic couple, and their wedding is going to be quite an event.

The truth is that I am lucky to be here, with not one but TWO major airlines having gone out of business this week, ATA and Aloha. It’s really sad that so many people are left stranded, either not able to get here or stuck here and not able to get back (well, I do feel less bad for those people). It’s not a bad place to be stuck!

I am staying at the beautiful Grand Wailea, the weather perfect, and I can’t wait for the wedding on Saturday! Two stunning brides that got married at The Four Seasons last year were Jessica:


and Lauren:


Well, I’m off to have some nice frozen drinks and enjoy a day of vacation before starting to shoot tomorrow!