Today I’m posting from Santa Barbara, where I’m staying for the weekend to hang out and to shoot a wedding with my good friend David Jay! I shot a few sessions this week that I need to catch you up on.

If you live in Southern California, you’ve seen this girl before! Her name is Jaime and she is the catering manager at one of the best hotels down here, The Montage. She needed headshots for a new project she’s working on down there (that will be revealed soon!), and I was happy to oblige. All the other staff are going to have Sears style blue backgrounds, but not Jaime! We took the color up a notch with these, and they’ll definitely be making a splash down at the Montage.

The Montage is a fabulous hotel for a wedding. I always say it’s biggest advantage is that they only have one wedding there per day, but the real biggest advantage is that you get to work with Jaime!

When I eventually move out of my house, I will miss my spare room, with its gorgeous natural light.

Check it: