Here we go everyone! Thanks so much to my team of voters and to Dane Sanders for doing this video for me!

I am completely humbled and shocked by the sheer volume of photographers who have stepped in to help out with the three weddings I can’t shoot. I will be sending emails to the three couples tomorrow or the next day to hook you up with your photographers!

All three of the couples are totally lucky that they didn’t win this contest, because every one of them is getting a better photographer than I am! Anna & Chris, sorry you just get me! If it’s any consolation, you also get ELYSIUM, videographer extraordinaire, who are also paying for their own travel and costs to produce something amazing for them. Wow. I can’t even believe this!!!

To sweeten the deal even more, Wendee Robbins, head coordinator of Lucie’s Events has VERY graciously offered her services to Anna and Chris free of charge. Travel too. I let her know that they may not have much to spend on typical coordinator related details, and she told me that she not only has some tricks for them, but also has some things from past events! Hopefully this will help to make their wedding even more unique.

Kelli & Matt’s wedding will be shot by my unbelievably amazing friend, Laura Novak. She is so talented and kind, and I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in about two weeks!

Catherine & Steve’s wedding will be shot by Rae & Chris Barnes This duo (who happen to live right near Catherine and Steve!) are such a wonderful couple to be around. Their photography is awesome, which is really just a reflection on who they are.

Finally, Jessica and Drew are the ones who have REALLY lucked out here. The photographer shooting their wedding is a TOP photographer who has chosen to do this anonymously. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and for sure has the biggest heart.

Here’s what a couple of my judges had to say about Anna & Chris:

My mother said:

“As part of life is enduring the tough times which can mean illness, death, loss of parent, etc. although very heart-wrenching is still part of life. With the support these couples have with each other, and their families, they will all do just fine in the end.

I thought the tribute the sisters wrote to their youngest sister was fantastic. For me with such a strong sense of family and closeness, nothing can ever take that place. Although thank goodness they have not had to endure a real tragedy, the love and warmth this family shares is truly evident. Having a sister myself I know the bonds of sisterhood and for that I think this couple deserves your gift.

It’s a tough decision and I will support whichever one you choose.”

One of my best friends, Beth Auciello said:

Anna & Chris
“First, that her sisters who’ve all been married and had the same weddings but that wholeheartedly and selflessly desire that Anna make hers unique says a lot about the kind of family she comes from. Evidently, a very giving, loving and genuine family. It seems possible that they’ve faced many challenges and hardships growing up in a large family in a town like Monroe where the median income is around $30,000 and trying to support themselves on small income. And even in the way that her sisters tell the story, not trying to gain pity by focusing on how challenging it may have been for their parents to support them by working full time jobs to sustain a large family, rather focusing the story on Anna and her will and effort to help by working hard, earning money, being a good steward of it and an example for others her age. A positive history of their family rather than just trying to gain sympathy or drawing out a “woe is us” account of family life. It seems Anna has humbly and steadfastly worked hard to earn the things that she was able to have and all throughout her adolescence has remained humble and has continued to serve others sincerely. I can only imagine how she may have felt through the years being a middle child and apparently, rather than complain about things she may have been deprived of, she worked hard, sacrificed other things in order to work hard and help her family out by not expecting them to help her pay for things and instead taking up that responsibility for herself. In this way, she is serving as an example to her siblings and evidently to all around her without being boastful or prideful about it. She is clearly being a good steward of her own abilities and gifts as is Chris. Although not much is said of Chris and his personal life (ie. work, ambitions, etc), it seems they’ve worked together as a team, supported one another in their efforts to work hard and make sacrifices.”

I can’t wait to meet you both, and photograph your wedding on October 11th! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in with support or well wishes for all of the couples, and I can’t wait to see photos from all of their beautiful weddings!