**sorry, you will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out the truth about the blurry image below**

Let me clarify–this is the ONLY opportunity to hear me speak for more than two hours and to really have a chance to hang out and see what I do every day. I may do some speaking for an evening here and there, but I made the decision never to run any more two or three day long seminars and I’m sticking by it. But when I was asked to do the IMAGE X WORKSHOP, I couldn’t resist. Check out the trailer:

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I don’t know what made me agree to do it– Maybe it was the fact that it’s in New Orleans, or maybe it was the absolutely insane list of talent that’s going to be there, but either way, I’m on board!

So here’s the deal.

The dates: October 6-8, 2008

The cost: $1699

The location: New Orleans, baby!

The scoop: The price includes THREE nights at the Omni hotel, breakfasts and one dinner, two days of class, each day with one photographer of your choice (so you pick me AND someone else)

The day with me: We’re going to be talking about who you are as a person and a brand, and we’re going to learn about good light in a great city. Plan to bring a laptop or a sketch pad, learn to choose images that you love and get people to book you for and because of them, and learn about my minimal approach to photoshop in making a good image great!

Here’s the thing, I can only fit at the MOST 25 people in my class each day. So if you don’t sign up in the next couple of weeks, there’s pretty much no chance you’ll be able to get in. The site is going to be fully up and running shortly, but you can go on and register now to secure your spot. Check out some of the other people you can choose from for your other day:

Julia Bailey

Jessica Claire
John Michael Cooper
Gene Higa
Parker Pfister
Joe Photo
Victor Sizemore
Cherie Steinberg
Jeff & Julia

I can’t wait to see some of you there!

Ready to sign up? **GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE!!**

Not quite sure yet? Shoot me an email to office@jcsphoto.com to get on the list to be notified when the site goes live (that is, if it’s not sold out by then)