I received over 300 entries to my little contest the other day. That is a LOT of you who took time out of your day not only to read what I have to say (which most days isn’t much!) but to think of what you are thankful for. Even though everyone can’t win, I hope that the act of thinking through what you are really thankful for made you realize that in some way, you are blessed.

Before I show you some of what I saw, the winners are below. These two winners were chosen not only because the photos and stories they sent in some way struck a chord with me, but also because both of them made me smile!

Betsy King, who is thankful for her husband. Here’s what she said about him:

“I am thankful for many things, but today I am thankful for my husband’s empty wallet. It’s empty because last night he bought me a new mac so I can really get serious about starting my own photography business. He has his own music studio in our home and I was always trying to sneak in during his breaks or in the middle of the night to process photos from my shoots. There was never enough time to really get it all done. Having my own mac means I can focus as much time as I want on photography and that he really believes in my talent. Being a stay at home mom, wife to my husband who works at home and the joy of discovering my passion for photography totally sums up the sweetness of my life that I am truly thankful for this year. Empty wallet and all. : ) (Hopefully not empty for long!)”


And Julia, who is thankful for her dog Grover. Here were her words and photo:

Just saw your contest and thought I’d send you this photo I took of my bulldog Grover. He’s been my inspiration to get into photography more seriously… he’s been a wonderful, patient, tolerant model for me, and for his friendship, I am truly thankful.

Yeah, he’s a dog. But he’s also the goofiest, silliest, most loving friend and family member. He always knows how to make us laugh with one of his silly looks or weird poses. He has the ability to turn the most boring day into an epic adventure. He is our entertainment.

Delivery people and letter carriers look forward to visiting with him. Drive thru tellers and fast food employees love to see his grinning face. And though he has received his share of “a face only a mother could love” comments, he continues to love everyone he meets unconditionally.

And lucky for me, he’s a huge ham for the camera. =)”


But there were so many other deserving entries! The runners-up:

Hayley Anderson “I’m grateful for the GOOD in people. Little, random, or large acts of kindness truly warm my heart.”


Rachel Abscher “My family, being silly, mornings we can sleep in, cuddle time, and a big bed for sharing!”


JE: “These are my parents. They are so proud of their gorgeous locks and so am I. I started twisting my Moms hair in 1996 when I was leaving for college and helped my Dad with his a few years later. A labor of love, I really appreciate our time together when twisting, talking, laughing, eating… This is a picture of my Mom, Altagracia and my Dad, Ricardo at Niagara Falls. Every trip we go on, they take a “lock shot”…they are something else. Like their locks I continue to grow because of all they have given me. I am so very grateful for them this Thanksgiving and everyday.”


Peter Skadberg“I am thankful that my daughter Noel is happy with a swimming pool that was $20 at Walmart! “


Lauren Douglas “..rediscovering my passion of reading [for leisure].”


Heather LIckliter “I’m thankful that my job means that i get to play dress-up every time I go to work.”


**I am very sorry that I couldn’t post all the photos I received below. It has nothing to do with not being thankful enough-I only had one day left to spend with the family here in NC and there were way too many entries to post them all. the collages below were picked for the most part, arbitrarily**

You are thankful for your children both born:


And soon to be born:






and Life:


Thank you all so much for playing with me and showing me how much there is to be thankful for. Hope everyone had a great day!