Well, my NYC shoot was cancelled due to rain :(. This means I need to do a different post today instead!

Since I became a card-carrying member of the blogging world, it has come to my attention that not only are photographers NOT the only bloggers out there, but there is a whole world of blogs out there that are really cool!

Last year, I was nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards, a group devoted to selecting the best blogs in tons of different categories. I ended up coming in 2nd place for photography blog. Not bad, but I sure would like to come in first this year (shameless plug: go CREATE A USERNAME AND VOTE FOR ME HERE (it only takes a second).

Anyway, when I found out I got nominated, I started reading some of the other blogs on there, so I figured that I would take this opportunity to share some of my faves with you:

1. Dooce The name of the blog is Dooce, the author is Heather Armstrong, a has-been Mormon living with her husband and little girl. Her claim to fame is actually getting fired from her job a few years ago for blogging about her coworkers and office politics, and she ended up in the NY Times (I think). Heather posts a photo of her dog every day (which I don’t like), but she also chronicles her life in such a well written way it’s hard not to get addicted. My favorite part of her blog is the monthly letters she writes to her daughter, in the same sentence she will make you laugh out loud and burst into tears. Check her out, and do a search for “Leta”, that’s her daughters name. Really, read the monthly letters. I once spent a whole afternoon reading through all of them. You should start with THIS ONE

2. Post Secret Am I nosy? Yes, probably that’s true. But this blog makes it okay, because if people are going to write down their deepest, darkest, strangest secrets and send them in to a company that will post them on a very public, very popular website, I am fine with reading them! Every now and then I’ll read a secret of someone I think I know and just pray for either the courage to ask them if they sent it or the ability to forget I saw it. In any case, definitely fun to read.

3. ProBlogger This one isn’t nearly as much fun to read, but it sure has tons of information on it! One of the things I plan to do this year is to figure out how to get this blog to make money. If I can do that, it might actually be worth keeping up this blogging every day for more than a month…

Got a favorite blog? Leave a link in the comments-I’m always looking for interesting/cool/techy/fun things to read.

Oh, and since I’m trying to not do boring posts that are all talk, no photos, here’s a couple you haven’t seen. There were several requests for photos of the cake from Nicola’s Un-Birthday Party, so here they are! Alice looks like she’s had some work done, but hey, it’s LA 🙂