I don’t think I have great taste in TV. Usually, I rely on Becker to just tell me what the good shows are, because any that sound good at the start of the season, he tries out and makes the decision. It makes it easy on me because this way I don’t waste my time watching too many shows that suck and can better allocate my time to watching shows that don’t suck. Due to him, I’ve gotten hooked on several shows, such as The Office and Weeds. However, his positive influence has not been able to lure me away from such horrid, crack-addict shows such as America’s Next Top Model and The Hills. I like Project Runway too, and I do think it’s unfair that he’s not willing to give that one a shot.

Tonight though, I have to post about my favorite show these days, DEXTER! Have you seen this show? It is SO good! The thing is, it’s about a serial killer, but you not only root for him to not be caught, but to kill the guys that get in his way!

I would like to submit that it’s the best show on TV right now–what do you think?