It’s been a long time since I did a “what’s going on in my world” post, so I thought I would bring back something I posted about awhile back–my goals.

So I have this list of 101 in 1001, things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Well, time is ticking away and I must admit that I have not gotten to as many as I’d like, but I have accomplished a few that were on there but didn’t bring together in one post until now!

If you want to read the full updated list, go to: MY 101 IN 1001

Things I have accomplished recently:

1 & 24 Travel to Europe: I went to greece

4. Get a bike and ride it around my neighborhood: yup, I did buy a bike and am working on that!

16. Invent something: shootsac

31. Call two friends I haven’t talked to in a long time: matt & chris, post coming soon!

42. start a new company: shootsac

59. get my boxes made: did it!

75. save 20% of my earnings for a year: done! I now have 20% of my income in the bank. Sadly, it is still not enough for a down payment on a house (well, the house that I want, anyway). Looks like I will be doing this again for the next year!

101. Take the weekend long man class: did it!

I know that realistically I may not do everything on the list that I want to do in the next couple of years. But it’s really good to check in on yourself every now and then to assess and reassess your goals and your plans for your life. Although there are always surprises and changes in your plans, it’s good to work towards things that you feel will better your life!

BTW, no more emails about being my #55, please! I’m not ready to take that on just yet and I’ve got a stack of applicants 🙂

What are your goals? Any interesting ideas for the future?