Today is Becker’s 5th anniversary of his 29th birthday! Although Christmas or Thanksgiving is probably his favorite holiday, his birthday ranks a very close second. Plus it gives us all a chance to say nice things about him (or roast him) on our blogs.

Becker is obviously one of the most important people in my life. Over the past four years, Becker has taught me so much about photography, life, and a huge assortment of other things including but not limited to: sports, poker, computers, business, life, love, ways of doing things, travel, arguing, fashion, shopping, photography, family, I really could go on for awhile. I really do not know where I would be right now without this person in my life, and I thank God for him every day. He is usually the first person I go to with any problem or piece of good news, and he’s a person that is always there to give advice or information to people who ask, even those whom he does not know well.

Traditionally on my birthday, he logs on to and buys me whatever item is on air at the time. I personally think this is a little bit funny but also very lame. This year, I ended up with a stupid pan to cook vegetables on the BBQ. Ironically, I don’t actually own a BBQ.

In response to this very very poor showing of birthday gifts to me, this year I will be going the easy route, getting him an
iTunes Gift Certificate.

(there may be one more present for him when we get back from NYC)

Becker’s favorite thing is getting nice comments on his blog, so if you have ever been touched (figuratively or literally) by Becker, his constant giving and advice, or his kindness, go to, hook him up with some itunes, or leave him a nice comment 🙂

Here’s the Birthday Boy, and one of us from Greece last month: