So I guess there was this thing going around the blog ring that if you were tagged by another blogger, you had to post 8 things about yourself then tag 8 more people. I thought i wasn’t ever tagged by anyone and was feeling left out, but it turns out I actually WAS tagged by Kristy ages ago, so here we go!

8 things about me that you might not (and probably don’t) know:

1. I have never smoked a cigarette or taken a shot of alcohol. Oh yes, I’ve had many many drinks and gotten in my fair share of little troubles but those are two things I’ve managed to avoid for this long and imagine I always will. And don’t be thinking you will be able to get me to do either one–trust me, I’ve gotten plenty of pressure on both and am unwavering!

2. I actually went to three different colleges and it took me six years to get my four year degree. This isn’t something I’m very proud of, but I am proud that I eventually DID manage to secure my college diploma from NC State University in May of 2003. I skipped graduation to shoot a wedding.

3. My parents got divorced this past year after 30 years of marriage. This is something I went through this past year that I wasn’t comfortable sharing on my blog until now, because now everything has really worked out for the best! It’s so strange to grow up one way and then have everything change. I know it shouldn’t affect me that much since I don’t live at home anymore and am just a couple years away from being 30 myself, but it’s strange how that happens. In any case, both of my parents are doing so well and are so happy, so there was a happy ending after all.

4. I won a pageant one time, when I was 5 years old. It was the first and last one I ever entered, and I still have an enormous trophy that my mother brought out last time she visited. My official title is “Little Miss Twin Rivers, 1985”

5. I have never had any official photography training. I took one photography class in high school and came away with nothing but two of my best friends and a C-. In college I wasn’t interested really until I got to NCSU, but since I was an English major, I was ineligible to take the photography classes offered by the design school. So I am 100% self taught.

6. I buy new clothes more often than do laundry. Another one I’m not proud of, but oh well! I like to shop and I hate to do laundry, so it was a natural foregone conclusion that this would happen. While we’re at it, I haven’t grocery shopped in six weeks. So there!

7. I have naturally curly red hair and have hated it my entire life. I have been blow drying it straight since I was about 12 years old. I’m at the point now where I do like the color, but having curls has literally been the bane of my existence thus far. There are places I would actually REFUSE to go based on the percentage of humidity in my hair. Fortunately, I now live in a climate more conducive to my hair dryer.

8. Although #7 is 100% true, I actually won a hair contest when I was 14, the Salon Selectives Super Hair Search. I won second place, which was a lifetime supply of hair products. I bet I still have some somewhere. You can find my photo in the July 1994 issue of Teen Magazine.

Okay that’s it!

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