One of my favorite things to do whenever I shoot a destination wedding somewhere new is take a day or two to shoot for my personal portfolio around the area. It’s also a good opportunity to get off the beaten trail a little bit and see more of the local flavor of the area.

Greece was a fabulous place to shoot, to say the least! Becker and I took our cameras everywhere we went, shooting all around Santorini and Mykonos on an ATV so we could stop and shoot whenever we wanted. There’s no better way to see the place!

Of course we started in Santorini, because the first thing we did when we landed is head straight to Oia on Cortnie’s recommendation:


As we worked our way through many of the restaurants in the area, we realized pretty quickly that the service industry in Greece is not exactly the same as here in America! This sign is quite appropriate:


I loved shooting the architecture and the beautiful churches on the island:


The blue and white stuff was so bright and crisp!


There were blue doors everywhere! This was in the village where we stayed, called Megalochori:


We saw sunrises:


And sunsets:


Old textures:


And beautiful art:


This is probably my favorite shot and I got it quite by accident! We had just taken the donkey’s down the cliffs of Fira, and these men were sitting around arguing about something in Greek. They were starting to get pretty pissed off, so I wasn’t about to ask them to shoot photos, but I just shot from the hip as I was walking away.

By the way, to see photos from our adventure on the donkeys and personal photos from the trip, check out BECKER’S BLOG


In Mykonos, there are three pelicans that hang out in the town square. They were so cool!


The doors and windows were especially fun to shoot (i know there’s something wrong with this collage in the resizing, will fix later):


The doorknockers were awesome! I totally want one of these:


I think by now most of you know about my LOCK PROJECT. Obviously someone notified the people of Greece that I would be coming! How hilarious is it that they put up signs to try to stop me??!!


But they could not stop me…



Ha! I found all of their locks!!


It was a fantastic, once in a lifetime trip! Check out Becker’s photos too, and have a great day!