Well, it’s that time of year again, Beach Week! Every year, my whole family gets together down here in beautiful (hot and humid) South Carolina in the house at the beach to sit around, play scrabble, enjoy the waves, and generally be lazy and do nothing for a whole week.

This year, it’s a bit of a shorter week for me because I shot a fab wedding for Hannah and Matt at the Montage on Sunday so I took a redeye here Monday night. So far today, I’ve been in the same clothes I slept in all day, napped, shot a few photos of the new kiddos, and read a little bit of a book. This week, I’ll be updating you all on the thrilling life and times of Beach Week!

For those interested, click THIS LINK to view the ghost of beach week past. You can view more days of beach week by hitting “previous” at the bottom of that post. I think there are three or four posts.

This year we have some new faces and are missing some of the old! Most notably, Kenny, Lisa, Zoe and Mia are in Switzerland for a couple of years and since they just left in June, they are nowhere to be found.

BUT we have two new babies this year! Philip, who you’ve seen:


and Will, Steven & Megan’s new little guy (6 weeks old):





Here’s one Steven shot of me and the new little guy


Stay tuned tomorrow for photos of Nana’s 90th birthday party!