I know people are anxiously awaiting photo updates from all my recent sessions, but I’m sick right now and don’t quite trust my judgement to choose! So it’ll be just another day or to for that. I do have very exciting news though…the SHOOTSAC site is relaunching tonight at midnight, PST! It’s been down for the past couple of weeks while we stocked up on inventory, replaced some old fabrics with some new fabrics, and made a few other changes, but I am so so excited that it will be back up and hopefully never shut down again!

Tonight at midnight PST, I will be sending out the relaunch email blast to the thousands of you on the list with a discount code. If you’re not on the mailing list and would like a discount (previous shootsac buyers this means you too–this is a good time to pick up some new covers), **CLICK HERE** to go to the site and get on the mailing list.

A sneak peek of two new covers: