07.07.07: The most popular wedding date in history. Hundreds of thousands of couples got married that day, but there was only one couple that I knew, Lauren & Adam. Lauren and Adam came to me so long ago that it seemed like it would never be July of 2007! Upon meeting them, I knew that their wedding was going to be a blast to shoot on that most special day.

I was right. Lauren’s infectious smile and Adam’s single desire to make Lauren happy are the things that stood out to me the most that day. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a groom so protective and careful with his bride, their love is so evident to everyone around them. It was also really cool to hear them both speak of their parents, all of whom are still married for going on (or maybe even more than) thirty years. What a beautiful example from both sides for this couple! Lauren is such a good wedding planner, it’s no wonder she was chosen to be a blogger for the super popular site, Wedding Bee (she’s miss hibiscus).

Normally I would post single photos, but Lauren is a slideshow girl through and through. When we first met, she actually specifically asked if I used SHOWIT SLIDESHOWS, which at the time, I didn’t. Good thing I do now! That’s who I do all my slideshows through, for all the people who have commented/emailed about that.

On another note, happy birthday to me! I’ll post photos of my little birthday night and review of the Montage spa tomorrow 🙂

Click below to check out Lauren & Adam’s wedding!