Photographers (or anyone that wants to be a photographer): You should know about STRATEGY AVENUE! Strategy Avenue is a company started by my good friend and business school valedictorian Laura Novak to help photographers with the less glamorous side of the business–the BUSINESS.

Now, nobody likes things like filling out paperwork, learning how to get permits and licenses, and boring things like that, but the truth is, it’s a necessary evil and Laura makes it a whole lot less painful! She and her fiancee John also have a great blog for it at the strategy avenue BLOG where they feature different photographers and interesting questions to help you with your business.

Right now, I am the featured photographer there! I asked Laura for help deciding whether to lease or buy when it came time to get my new car, and she explained it all to me. I’d always been in the “buy it” camp, but thanks to Laura, I realized it made much more sense in the end to lease.

You should go to STRATEGY AVENUE and pick up a set of these dvd’s for yourself right away!

Speaking of the new car…my first convertible! Woo!

Here’s a shot from the night I took it home, with Duke, my sales dude (thanks to becker for both these pics):


and from yesterday:


I figure–so what if only me and one other person fit in it! It’s probably the only time in my life when a car this ridiculously small makes sense 🙂