Yesterday I posted the slideshow of Lauren & Scott’s wedding, but I wanted to talk about a few of the things that they did that made their wedding so special. One thing that I loved was Lauren’s pride in her Scottish heritage. The fabric you see Revan (Lauren’s brother) tying their hands with during the ceremony is in the pattern of her family’s tartan. Immediately afterwards, bagpipers came down the aisle and played “Amazing Grace” as a gift from Scott and Lauren to her parents. Who knew you could get bagpipers in Hawaii?! Scott’s family is originally from Iran and his mother gave a beautiful Persian reading.

Lauren and Scott could have had a big wedding in their hometown with hundreds of guests, but they chose to keep it very small and personal and spent their time in conversation with their closest family and friends. Every single person at this wedding was just so genuine and kind, and so happy to see Lauren and Scott exchange their vows and begin their lives as a married couple. It was just beautiful!

So yesterday afternoon, we all headed out on a little treck around the island to capture some more photos of this beautiful couple. I am totally indebted to David Hessemer for taking his entire day to drive me, Marisa, and the couple around and show us all of his favorite spots from Wailea to Hana! We stopped in the town of Paia, drove through an area of Keanae with cindery black lava rocks, and eventually ended up on the most pristine little black sand beach in Wainapanapa (the first one I’ve ever seen in person). Lauren said that the last time she was on a black sand beach was in Santorini with Scott, which I was thrilled to hear because I’ll be there in September for Cortnie and Andrew’s wedding!

We started off in the town of Paia, which had tons of character and bright spots to shoot in






Check out Marisa with her Shootsac!


I had seen these tall sugarcane fields on the side of the road as we drove from the airport to the hotel when we arrived and decided then that we would be shooting there! Marisa was smart enough to snag the parasol from the wedding



Next was Keanae where the lava had hardened into huge formations that we played around on for a bit. The rocks are not like regular ocean rocks–they are very stable and not as slippery



Last but certainly not least we made our last leg of the trip on the famed road to Hana, notorious for it’s winding pathway through the hills. Now we all know why you can get t-shirts that say “I survived the road to Hana!” I think we all deserve one of those shirts now! The black sand beach is called Wainapanapa and it is absolutely gorgeous.

At first as you can see, Lauren was a bit dubious about getting near the water with her dress, but look at how helpful Scott was in encouraging her!


I backed off for a few minutes and let her get more comfortable


But seriously, if you’re going to drive for three hours or more to get somewhere, you may as well make the most of it, right?! For you concerned readers out there, the dress soaked, but certainly not trashed. The black sand is quite gravely and doesn’t stain, and the dress will be dry cleaned and preserved:


while we were shooting these, I was thinking that this couple must REALLY trust me if they actually listen to me when I tell them to like facedown in black sand:


But these photos are so hot, they were totally worth the encouragement and the trip out there (right Lauren??)



Congratulations Lauren and Scott! You are so stunning, both inside and out. Best of luck in your 4th year of med school internships and your life together!