Last week I was in Denver for a secret project to be revealed soon about the hottest web design group in the industry, but this week, I am in Seattle for the ANTI-WORKSHOP with two of my favorite couples, the Boutwells and the Coopers. I’m here sponsoring the opening party for Shootsac AND being a hawt model on Wednesday, so it’s all good fun.

On the way up here, I got to play with a new toy I picked up, fine art textures by Jesh De Rox, the master of texturizing photos. I played around with some of my own textures awhile back, but I never could quite get them to look right. After using Jesh’s, I think I got a MUCH better result!

The textures from Jesh are a bit pricey but totally worth it to have a whole world open up with my post processing. I’m definitely going to start incorporating a bit of this into my work. His DVD set is beautifully presented and comes with an excellent tutorial video. You should go over to his blog and pick yourself up a set!

More shots from George and Amy’s wedding, textured. Let me know what you think below!