That’s right folks, the shootsac site is launching THIS WEEK! The 4000+ of you who have signed up to be notified when we launch are going to be getting an email from me in the next few days with some information in it.

If you have signed up (or sign up today or tomorrow) for the MAILING LIST, when the site goes live you will get two things:

1. The notice that the site is now live and that you can purchase bags
2. A coupon code for 10% off of your order.

Once the site is live, you’ll be able to buy the basic black shootsac (for men or women) and choose from 20 or so different covers to add on to it.

Why is that important? Well, although we are making bags as fast as humanly possible, we have a LIMITED AMOUNT in stock! So first come first served is how it’s going to go. If you’re not in the lucky email blast who will have an advantage by several hours, there’s a chance that your bag is going to be delayed an extra couple of weeks while bags get made and shipped out. However, if you go ahead and order straight away anyway, you’ll still get the 10%.

Also, I am going to be running a contest this week to GIVE AWAY A SHOOTSAC TO A LUCKY BLOG READER! So stay tuned for more information on that (and another possible opportunity to win a shootsac from another photographer).

I want to leave you with these two shots from Bobbi & Mike, a killer photography team! Thanks so much for these Bobbi!



Just for Leah, who commented below, here is a PARTIAL list of the shootsac covers that are available. There are at least 9 or 10 more that aren’t on this list: