Oh my goodness, what a week it’s been! I am so sorry for the lack of timely updates–you can expect stellar blogging from me in the future. The worst of it was probably being home in NC and having my whole family sitting around complaining about how I haven’t updated all week. I said, “People, I’m sitting right next to you, what do you want from me?!” So since it seems the natives are getting restless, here’s where I’ve been:

From last Sunday to Wednesday, I was in Chicago for the Partnercon convention. Keats and I headed out there to do a Shootsac booth. It was so much fun to see everyone I know and also to see how excited people get when they try on the bag! I know I post photos of it here and the website is (just…still..pick a word) a few weeks away, but having them there for people to see and touch is really the best part. The other best part of going to Chicago was getting to spend an evening with my good friend Rosalind and her man Jonas in their unbelievable loft style place.

Meanwhile, back at the show, we had a few friends with us again as we did in Vegas–gotta give a big shout out to the Flamingo Inflation Crew, headed up by (will add links later) Kevin Swan, Shaun Austin, Jonathan Thrasher, Leann Wrightsman, Regina Holder, the Barlow family, Shyla, and others. If I left you out of that list, its because I was unconcious for a few minutes from a flamingo inflation injury:


See how popular the flamingos are with the kiddies:


Here’s the very first person to buy a shootsac in Chicago, the super talented, recently engaged, Katie Van Buren!


We wrapped up the hugely successful show on Wednesday night and on Thursday bright and early I headed home to NC for Mother’s day weekend! Here’s my awesome mom, looking quite svelte from working on a big weight loss this year and sporting a shootsac:


I got to see both of my parents as well as my mom’s sister Lori and her husband, and Kenny, Lisa and their girls, Zoe and Mia. Their little family is packing up and moving to Geneva Switzerland for a few years because of a great job opportunity for Kenny, so I am so glad I got to see them. The next time I see them will be in Switzerland for ski season this winter!

We had a little shoot for the SHOOTSAC website which will be coming in a couple weeks, check this out:




What’s better than a shootsac and donuts?


A new cover called “spot on” I picked up a couple weeks ago at a textile show:


Cutie Mia loves “festive”


Don’t you just love how cute Lisa and Zoe’s hair matches?


Zoe is adorable!


Anyway, that’s it for the past week! I flew into LA and arrived just a few minutes ago just in time for a meeting in about 10 minutes. Then this afternoon I will drive back down to Orange County and will finally be home! Thanks for your patience during my slow blogging week. I have four shoots and a wedding at the St. Regis on Saturday so there will be plenty of photo coming up.