**NOTE** I have had a lot of emails asking if people who couldn’t make it to Vegas or find the Shootsac booth would be able to get the show special discount. Unfortunately, the show price was only for the show, but as soon as the website launches (in the next two weeks!!), there will be a launch discount! Make sure to get on the list to be notifed when it goes live.

get me on the list asap!

Every year, going to DWF/WPPI/Las Vegas is such a crazy week! This year was particularly wild because of the big shootsac launch and my involvement with that. Every night, there are parties that go easily until 4am, and since I had to be at the booth every morning by 8 or 8:30 (bless the people who had to be there at 7am!), I was a bit short on sleep and blogging time.

After the Sunday kickoff Swanky Sexy Soiree, Monday’s party was hosted in the Kingpin Suite at the Palms by web designer group Bludomain. That’s the suite with the bowling alley in it, and they decided to have a few of us have a bowl-off at the party! Little known fact about me–I was actually in a bowling league when I was younger. That wasn’t enough however, to take over the mad crazy skills of the talented Jen Bebb, one half of one of the American Photo top 10 photographers in the world (the other half is the equally awesome at photography but less skilled on the bowling alley Stephen Bebb).

Jen was the big winner, and I was so proud of her! Stay tuned to see when Jen’s bowling seminars will be taking place. Here’s one of her and Stephen celebrating the big win:


I actually just received word that Jen and Stephen are offering a seminar now! I’m not sure if bowling will be covered, but go check out Bebb Seminars and find out!

Here are a few photos of me bowling (I do have fine bowling form). This first one is from Shannon Kaple. Thanks Shannon!:


These two are from Becker’s Blog, where you can see a ton more pics. He is so much better about taking personal photos at stuff like this than I am!


One of the things I got to do this week that rocked had nothing to do with photography. One of my best friends, Laura Novak got engaged recently, so a few of us decided to grab a limo and take her dress shopping! Here’s Laura showing off her bling:


Let’s see a close up of that rock!


Even my SHOOTSAC got some love from Susan Stripling, Amelia Lyon, Jaclyn Kaiser, and Laura:


Ironically there are no wedding dress shops in Vegas with dresses more than $50, so we didn’t get to shop, but the limo part was fun!

I’ll be posting pics from Becker’s party and Dane’s photobooth, as well as a shootsac wrapup this week!