Well, I must say, the shootsasc launch yesterday was a HUGE hit! It was awesome that so many people I know stopped by to say hello and check out the bags, and I am so thankful for all the positive feedback!

Yesterday for me started at about 3:30am when Becker and I left the OC to drive out here to Vegas. We made it at around 7am, where we were immediately put to work finishing up the booth which was supposed to open at noon. Well, right around 10:00am, a full two hours before the booth was supposed to start up, people started flooding in and the booth was mobbed from then until it closed at 6:30!! Thanks to Becker for all these fabulous photos!

Check out this photo of me and the VERY FIRST EVER person to buy a shootsac, David Baxter!

What does this photo have to do with shootsac?


We gave out 500 of these babies yesterday, and they were the hit of the show! I hope I see a few of them around the tradeshow today, that would be awesome! i’m going to take photos of anyone I see with them today and post them up here.

People came from as far as Australia to check out my bags (fine, maybe that’s not the ONLY reason), here’s me with Jerry Ghionis and Yervant, two world famous hotshot photographers.


Here I am in our little boutique area where you can try out the bags and different fabrics to see how you like them!


And here is me with the wonderful Becker on our way to Sara France, Anna Costa, andLauren HIllary’s Sexy Swanky Soiree last night!

More to come later!