Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Shootsac Booth in Vegas

10. you know you want one
9. i want to see everyone who’s out there looking at this blog right now!
8. you know you can never have enough bags (boys too!)
7. can you say…discount?!
6. the boutwells gave me some in-demand $25 off cards for their totally rad actions to give out
5. you can come and get fun photos taken in the simple photo booth!
4. the lines to get tradeshow passes are long and boring and it would give you something fun to do while you wait
3. you can get a free [ b ] tee, the hot new item for spring (besides a shootsac of course)
2. once you buy a shootsac, you can make jokes like, “wanna see my shootsac?”
1. because a shootsac is the new black!

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Tomorrow is the big Shootsac Website Shootout so stay tuned, bag images are coming VERY VERY SOON!