My mom is in town! Ever since I moved to California two years ago, I obviously see my family a lot less, but it’s always fun when people come out to visit me. My mom came not only to see me, but also to hang out with some family up in LA–a cousin and his wife who have a gorgeous four year old and five month old that my mom is helping out with for the week.

Also, my mom deserves a big congratulations–she’s lost a ton of weight on Weight Watchers and is doing awesome! I shot a few photos of her the other day:


We all went up to LA to see the kids. It was Philips very first time getting rice cereal or anything other than a bottle and it was so cute to watch him try to figure out what was happening!


He got the hang of it pretty quickly though


Of course I had to shoot a few photos of Kabrel with Philip–I adore this one. Philip is an amazing baby–he’s ALWAYS smiling and look how huge he is for 5 months–he barely fits in the 9-12 month old clothes!


I have only seen this kid cry one time–he’s really a special baby.



Annabelle is growing up so fast–already she’s got a fabulous purse and the car keys


The girls


One more of Annabelle–such a cutie!


Tomorrow, I’ll have another shootsac sneak peek up–these bags look amazing and I can’t wait to show you all!