Sun - January 14, 2007

Tara's Boudoir Shoot

The other day, I shot some boudoir photos for Tara, who is getting married in a few months. I love shooting boudoir sessions, it's fun to find a way to make people look their absolute best and also to think about how thrilled their grooms are going to be on the wedding day when they receive the albums we do! Tara was a great model--she is very comfortable with herself and such a good sport--we actually went down to the beach to shoot a few photos of her with her & her fiancee's dog even though it was about 55 degrees out! Here are a couple of shots, if you want to see more, just click **READ MORE** down at the very bottom of this entry. No actual nudity!

Boudoir sessions are $500 and albums start around $700.

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Mon - November 13, 2006

Rainy day in Boston-Andrea & Tate's Engagement

This weekend, I flew out to Boston to shoot an engagement session for Andrea & Tate, whose wedding I am shooting in Greenwich, Connecticut next year. All week we were a bit worried about the weather--the forecast was for heavy rain all day, and there was only one possible day to shoot! That morning, I woke up to thunderstorms and a torrential downpour, but Andrea wasn't worried--she said she was prepared with her galoshes and we were heading out rain or shine!

We were on the way to Harvard Square first, when it miraculously stopped raining for a few minutes. I saw this beautiful old church off to the side of the road and figured that it was best to shoot whatever we could while the rain held off! I'm so glad we did, because we were able to get shots like this:

and this:

We headed towards Harvard Square, but I was more interested in the gorgeous colors off to the side streets, so we walked around there for awhile, and luckily the rain held off a little longer:

Check this out--I told Tate to pick up Andrea, but I had no idea they could pose like this!:

We found the cutest little park and shot a few more swingy photos:

On the way back to the car, we saw a woman getting into her car with this awesome umbrella. It's awesome because it is the exact umbrella of Tate & Andrea's school where they met, Boston College, where we were headed next. We stopped to chat for a minute and it turned out that the woman who owned the umbrella was a mother of the bride herself and only too happy to let us use it for a few shots:

Lastly, we headed into Boston to grab some shots at Boston College, the couples' alma mater. This is them in front of the school mascot, the Golden Eagle:

Unfortunately, this was the point in the day when it began to really rain, but we were able to get just a couple more shots. I love this one:

And this one, which I think is really representative of the gorgeous school. In the background, you can see another eagle statue (quite an aggressively posed one actually!), some bright foliage, and of course, the couple:

Thank you both for an amazing shoot, being GREAT sports about the weather, and your excellent fashion sense :).

jessica claire, boston and cambridge wedding photographer, wedding in greenwich, connecticut in september.

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Fri - November 10, 2006

San Francisco in 12 hours or less!

Yesterday I flew to San Francisco for the day to shoot Vanessa & Nik's post-wedding engagement session. Yes, that's right, Vanessa and Nik are already married, I shot their wedding in August, but we didn't have a chance to do their engagement session before the wedding because they are so busy becoming doctors and moving to fabulous places like San Francisco!

In any case, because I have to fly to Boston tomorrow for Andrea & Tate's engagement session , I decided to just go up for the day. Vanessa and Nik are so lucky. They live in a fantastic apartment right in the heart of Chinatown within walking distance of Union Square and a ton of other cool things. Despite being people of science, Vanessa and Nik are also artistic and have a great eye for what would look great in photos--every time I saw something cool to shoot, they were two steps ahead!

First we shot all around Chinatown:

Vanessa and Nik are quite aerodynamic:

Nik didn't know that he would be getting a workout, but I think he kinda liked it:

After sweet talking their way out of a ticket, we headed across the bride to shoot some more cool stuff:

We were on the way to the beach when I saw this abandoned shack type thing and just had to snag a few black and white shots:

Then we were off to the beach. It was a gorgeous beach with dark brown sand that was made up of pebbles of lots of different colors. This beach is especially significant to the couple and it was so beautiful down there:

They were not afraid to get a little dirty:

My fave of the day:

One last little moment:

And of course, a self portrait:

Thanks for a great shoot, and a delicious (quick) dinner!

jessica claire, san francisco photographer

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Thu - October 12, 2006

Lauren & Scott's engagement

Last week, Lauren & Scott came all the way out here from Oklahoma City for me to shoot their engagement session! As if that wasn't flattering enough, I am so super excited to be shooting their wedding at the Four Seasons next year in Maui, Hawaii. I am even more excited now that I have met them and know how fantastic they are. I can't wait for this wedding!

Not only are Lauren and Scott gorgeous, but they are incredibly smart also. They are both finishing up with medical school, which as an avid Gray's Anatomy watcher, I know all about. We went and shot in Orange, which is such a quaint little town! I've only been there once or twice and have never shot there, so it was a really nice change of scenery.

A few shots:

I love how happy scott looks here:

These two were naturals:

My fave of the day--love the colors!

jessica claire, orange photographer, maui photographer

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Fri - September 8, 2006

Kate & Joey in LA

This week I had the opportunity to speak at Partnercon, a conference in LA with Xtreme partner, Liana. While I was there, I also got to shoot a post-wedding engagement session for a great couple, Kate and Joey Triano. Kate is a photographer in Washington DC, and I was so glad I was able to meet her and shoot with them down near Santa Monica pier.

Kate and Joey basically flew all the way across the country to shoot with me immediately Tuesday night, and the first thing Joey said was that he didn't want to get wet. Well, here's how well that turned out (you can kind of see Kate completely under the water):

I really didn't intend for this to happen. Really. I will say though, that I didn't exactly prevent it :)

This is not the way we started out though. Kate had her hair done at the fantastic Jonathan Salon, and they were both looking dry and gorgeous:

They were hot and working some attitude:

But once they were in the sand, it was all over:

Santa Monica has awesome beaches:

Not a bad place to live, huh?

jessica claire

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Wed - August 23, 2006

sharon & pascal's enagement

Wow, this couple has so much energy and love! Normally it takes couples a few minutes to get warmed up at the engagement session, but not Sharon & Pascal--they hit the beach running and didn't stop till the sun went down. I was already excited to shoot their wedding at the St. Regis in a couple of weeks, but now that I know how much fun they are to work with I'm looking forward to it even more.

A few of my favorites:

Pascal was literally swinging her all over the place:

They jumped right in the water--they knew what shots they wanted:

Luckily they also brought a change of clothes for some non-splashing photos:

This is probably my favorite from the session:

I think this is kind of a sexy photo. I shoot a lot of BW in camera, and this one has some extra grain added and a sepia tone:

Of course with that nice early evening light, color is cool too:

see you guys soon!

jessica claire, orange county wedding photographer, an engagement shoot in laguna beach

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Fri - July 21, 2006

Kendall & Joe-Engagement in Cabo!

I'm down here in Cabo for Kendall & Joe's wedding tomorrow and man is it HOT!!! It is at least 300 degrees out. I knew it was going to be hot out, so since Kendall & Joe's rehearsal is tonight and they wanted to do engagement photos, we decided it would be best to do them really early, when it was only 150 degrees out. We sweated our way through it and had a great time!

A few shots from today:

Look at this gorgeous couple--no wonder I'm excited to shoot tomorrow:

We shot in San Jose. I've actually never been to this little town and I plan on going back again this trip to shoot some personal art stuff:

I love the light in this shot. It was actually right inside a bank:

something about this one i keep going back to:

jessica claire, orange county photographer heads down south of the border for a cabo san lucas wedding

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Fri - June 30, 2006

A New Boudoir Shoot

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to shoot boudoir photos for a really beautiful bride-to-be, Shelley. Shelley was so much fun to work with and up for anything--literally! I can't wait to hear about the reaction from her fiancee on their wedding day when he gets the album that Shelley and I are putting together, he is going to be so suprised. It's a good thing that she has an acting background--when his plans fell through for the afternoon and she had to act like everything was normal back at home she kept calm like a pro!

Here's Shelley:

Click on "read more" to see a few more shots of Shelley!

This was right out in front of the house--I think her mailman will be delivering her mail about 5 times a day from now on:

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Fri - June 16, 2006

catherine & eric's engagement

A few days ago, I went down to Oceanside to shoot engagement photos for Catherine and Eric, who are getting married in just a couple of weeks! We had so much fun walking around the area and shooting, and I can't wait for their wedding. These guys are so well suited for each other, and completely at ease in front of the camera. It also helps that they are both quite gorgeous!

A few shots:

As you can see, Eric has super powers and is able to fly like a Ninja:

Isn't this sweet?

Another beautiful California sunset:

jessica claire, orange county wedding photographer

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Fri - June 9, 2006

kris & chad's engagement

I just love Kris & Chad. These guys are so much fun to be around and I'm so glad that after three reschedules, we finally actually shot their engagement photos! The thing that really stands out about this couple is how they are great friends. Obviously they love each other, but their friendship is always their priority, which is something I really admire about them.

We went down to the beach to shoot and had another evening of gorgeous light, so the combination of that and Kris & Chad's adventurousness let us get some killer shots!

Things started off nicely enough:

Then they climbed up on these huge rocks, which was a great idea! They're the first couple I've been able to convince to do that (and I didn't even say a word, they just jumped up there):

Who's having more fun here, Kris or Chad?

I just love this moment:

One of those times when everything aligns--the couple, the light, the water, and even me:

Great job guys--can't wait for the wedding (or the next excuse to hang out!)

jessica claire photography, orange county wedding photographer

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Wed - June 7, 2006

A Boudoir Shoot

Occasionally one of my brides will ask me if I shoot Boudoir sessions and I do! I don't shoot tons of them, but I've done these for a few girls as a gift to their husbands on their wedding day or anniversary and let me tell you, it is always a hit! Usually the bride will get an album of the photos and give it to the groom before the wedding--the reactions are just priceless.

The other day I had the opportunity to do a Boudoir session for a bride (unfortunately I'm not shooting her wedding :( ) who plans to give this gift. She's so sweet and obviously she's gorgeous--a dream to shoot. It wasn't a nice day for the beach with some drizzle going on, but we had a fantastic house to use, which we took full advantage of! She was up for anything and we got some great photos that her husband is going to absolutely love.

Here is one shot:

To see a few more, click "read more" at the end of this post. This blog is generally a family show, so only look if you want to (no actual nudity, lingerie only).

For those interested, an on-location shoot is $500 and albums start at $700. You can contact me at

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Tue - June 6, 2006

andrea & andrew's engagement

The other day I got to shoot engagement photos with Andrea & Andrew. They are such a fun couple, and were awesome to work with! They actually live in Vegas so they were just in town for a couple of days taking care of some wedding details. I can't wait until their wedding in September--I have a feeling it's going to be one hell of a party!

We were blessed with extra pretty light down at the beach for their shoot:


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Wed - May 3, 2006

erika & jeremy's engagement

Erika & Jeremy are awesome! Although the first engagement session we shot got a *little* rained out, I am so glad now that it happened because on our Take 2 we got so many cool, fun shots. Erika & Jeremy live in a really great up-and-coming area of LA--all artist lofts and converted warehouses, huge graffiti murals and bright colors. Shooting in this area is so bright and colorful its almost like shooting in Jamaica or Mexico in a way. It feels much much different certainly from OC and even from most other parts of LA.

This couple also has a third party--their giant Schnauzer, Ella. Ella rocks! She's enormous and sweet, she almost looks like a cartoon dog. She was certainly a great addition to the photos.

One interesting about Jeremy, he's actually a professional blogger. He runs all these celebrity gossip blogs and has won a ton of awards for them. It turns out that the blogging world is quite competative! I don't win any awards for my blog, but hey, maybe someday. I don't have all his blogs here on this computer, but once I get them, I will edit this post and add them so you can check them out! If you love the gossip like me, you can't miss a beat.

Jeremy's "real" job though is as a search engine optimizer. He's an expert in Google adwords and that kind of thing. He has really big clients though, like eHarmony and other people like that that spend the big bucks. He does take a few smaller accounts now at his own company, SimpleSEM , which you really need to check out if you want to book any jobs and be successful in any way :)

Now for a few faves:

just look at this beautiful green wall we found:

Unfortunately it was not in the best area of town. I'm not sure if I will be taking future clients to its site. See how Jeremy is looking to the right of the picture? Well, it was because he saw this dude coming:

I told the guy no hugs, but he still came pretty close. I guess you can't blame him, Erika is gorgeous! Jeremy looks a little freaked out, but apparently Erika couldn't take a bad picture if she tried. Good times!

jessica claire, southern california wedding photographer,

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Wed - April 26, 2006

Angelica & Shawn in Portland, Oregon

This is the week of many many engagement sessions! Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to fly to Portland just to shoot Angelica and Shawn's engagement session. We all lucked out--it was a gorgeous, warm day--apparently not the norm in Portland this time of year. One of the things I am so thankful for about my job is that I am lucky enough to work with many couples that I would be friends with anyway. I don't always get to know everyone as well as I'd like, but I do try to get to know as many as possible outside of just shooting. I also find that it is much more fun on the wedding day if we've already worked together on something like an engagement session because when I show up at the wedding, I'm just another friend hanging around.

Angelica and Shawn, in addition to being fantastic to shoot were also hospitable enough to take me to a really cool Latin restaurant where they proved themselves to be savvy wine drinkers and food tasters. It was so much fun to go to dinner with them!

I'm going to post more shots of them than usual because it was cool to shoot in Portland :)

Shawn has a great condo in a really good part of Portland. There's lots of funky, urban stuff around and great spots to shoot:

Angelica & Shawn have a REALLY cute dog named Chickie. You can't see it in this photo, but Chickie's shirt says "Always a Bridesmaid". Too funny!

I didn't know this but Portland seems to be well known for its many bridges:

We also walked around the railroad station:

this one spot had the most beautiful light, but we were trespassing so we got kicked out :(

So we gave it up and went to dinner, but I couldn't resist shooting a little bit in the restaurant when we were done:

thanks so much for a great day in Portland & you're on for sushi next time you are in town!

jessica claire wedding photography

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Mon - April 24, 2006

Henry & Lucia's Engagement!

Henry, Lucia, and I went down to Laguna Beach yesterday like renegades--no permits for us! A little aside: For those of you who don't know, professional photographers now need to get a $500 permit to shoot down at the beach there. I can kind of understand it because the place is a little overrun with photographers, but if you're low key about it and not intrusive I really don't see the point. Especially since the ticket you get for violating the permit rule is $100. Frankly, I'd rather take the ticket!

In any case, Henry and Lucia were really a pleasure to shoot. Because of the new regulations, I shot in a few places where I don't normally go and I'm so glad because we had so much fun! This couple was so outgoing and un-selfconcious, they were willing and excited to do whatever I asked of them, and we got some really cool shots.

A few of my favorites:

there are so many things wrong with this one but I love it:

Lucia is a very good dancer, I can't wait to see what they come up with for the wedding:

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