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A Boudoir Shoot!

Tue. February 20, 2007   |   people
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One of the coolest things about this blog is that I have the ability to password protect the whole entry or even parts of it for various reasons! I am sensitive to the fact that some people do not want to see boudoir photos, so if you don't wish to see them, just skip down to the next post.

Yesterday I shot a boudoir session for the wife of an awesome photographer out here for one of Mike Colon's fantastic four day workshops.

This boudoir shoot was great for a few reasons. First of all, the woman I was shooting was so easy to work with and very comfortable with herself, which helps a lot. Secondly, I decided for the first time ever to experiment with shooting the session at my house, which I loved! I got a bunch of different backgrounds that suit my style and decided to experiment. So fun! When I dropped her off, her husband was still busy with Mikes class, and Mike, generous guy that he is, invited me along for a delicious dinner at Las Brisas--so awesome! Thirdly, this girl is a dead ringer for Cameron Diaz, which rocks!

Anyway, here's one of the photos, to see more, use the password "claire" in the box above. Boudoir sessions are $500, and include online posting. Albums start at $700. I cant wait to shoot more of these!

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