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Debbie & Brent’s Engagement

Tue. February 19, 2013   |   will you
Ah, it feels good to be back in the (blogging) saddle!  I've got literally years of catch up to do here, but I'm just going to jump in with one of my favorite sessions I never shared--Debbie and Brent's engagement.
Debbie and Brent are one of those rare couples who have a perfect natural ease not only with each other, but with the camera (yes Brent, you too!).  While my job as a photographer is to bring out the best in each and every couple I photograph, every now and then I'll get a couple like this who does best when I just shut my mouth and let them do their thing!

Without further ado, the photos:

We started off casually--shorts and jeans, and a little stroll in the woods:

Just some relaxing in front of the camera, nothing forced or unnatural:

Just a little bit of being together:

But being together in the most perfectly beautiful casual way:

Debbie and Brent compliment each other so well!

When they arrived, Debbie pulled out the equivalent of my entire wardrobe to pick from!  I had a blast sorting through her outfits, each more stunning than the next, until I came upon this bright flowy number, and I knew it would be incredible in photos:

But really it was how Deb wore it that made it so fab:

I mean, seriously.  Come on.

Every single time I go to this little spot, I find some hidden little gem of a pocket of light in a new place:

This day was particularly good for that, I thought:

The sun filtering through the leaves, and the pop of color in the was all working for me, big time!

But regardless of that, there's nothing quite like a couple that is happy just being together no matter what they're doing:

A little bit of passion doesn't hurt either:

A little bit of cozy for good measure:

And a little bit of "hey look over here" just to round it out:

Whenever I shoot in a location I go to often, I like to spend at least a few minutes seeing it in a way I haven't before.  Maybe it's choosing a spot I've never used, a pose I don't use much, whatever.  Just something to make sure I am always trying to push myself past doing the obvious thing, or the thing I always do:

This time, I decided to have them lay down:

I wanted to play with different shapes of people walking:

And finally, I used this spot in the brush that I've just never been compelled to use before.  I'm so glad I did!

Debbie and Brent, you were incredible on this day, and on every day.  Thank you so much for letting me capture you being you.

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