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A Library Themed Wedding Shoot

Mon. August 2, 2010   |   i do
Happy Tuesday! Since we're now in August and since August is the last month that can really be considered Summer pretty much everywhere, I want to post really fun, summery looking things all week!

This shoot was a little styled concept shoot that I worked on with two of my faves, Megan Gray of Honey & Poppies who did the design and flowers and Erica Obrien who did the desserts! Also props to Stacy Bisel for her stellar job on the makeup.

Even though styled shoots can be a little unrealistic to pull off at a real wedding, I think this one has so many great ideas that are actually do-able for a really cute, chic, adorable summer wedding! Monica and Joshua are a real life engaged couple, which made this shoot SO MUCH FUN to do! They got to practice for their big day, and I got to practice shooting a fantastic hip, sweet couple!

I don't often get to shoot a bride helping a groom get ready: :)

I think Monica is going to be a STUNNING bride, no?

Megan did a fab job with the flowers!

She also did the invitations--they have such a bright, artistic, handmade feel to them:

This setup has to be one of my all time faves. For an English major, what could be better than being surrounded by books?

The shoot took place at a gem of a location that even had a little orange grove! Fresh flowers and adorable pillows accented the ceremony area:

I loved the different pillows and fabrics on each chair:

Strawberry plants, books, and cute wallpaper, oh my!

Seriously, how could this be cuter?

Other than to be like this:

And this:

This couple is just so dang cute!

First kiss:

Yay, almost married!

Something about this one just gets me:

And this one:

The table setup was so fresh and fun! A flowy table cloth, some bright yellow flowers, a bowl of berries, a jug of milk, and a little cake: perfection!

Even the glasses were darling. And look at that napkin!

I want this photo to hang in my house--I might have to frame it:

Ahhh, don't you just want to take a bite?!

Megan is SO CREATIVE! Look at how she did the table numbers. They must have taken her ages, but wow, what a crazy cool effect!

That orange grove makes a sweet couple stand out:

Who wouldn't sneak a few bites of the cake?

Awww :)

Erica always does an incredible job with her cakes. She can come up with something to suit any style, and in a delicious way!

Another book display from Megan. Megan, please come do a project at my house!

Carrying the bookshelves and books theme throughout the whole area:

Cuteness :)

I just love this couple! They are so cute and natural together, and so photogenic!

And so in love:

A little funny, and a little sweet:

Did I mention cute?


And happy!

Girls, thanks for such a fab shoot, and brides, I hope you can take some inspiration from this little concept!
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