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Alice & Sam’s Wedding

Mon. May 21, 2007   |   i do
Alice and Sam were married yesterday at the St. Regis and it was wonderful! You might remember Alice and Sam from their engagement session a couple of weeks ago, which you can check out here. Their personalities really came through at that shoot, so I knew that it was going to be an absolute blast to hang out with them on their wedding day and I was not disappointed! It was also a wedding coordinated by the ever organized and fun to be around Jeannie Savage.

It's always nice to walk in and see a pink pair of sparkly Louis Vuitton shoes:

Alice's stunning Carolina Herrera gown and a little help getting into it:

Sam had his own personalized touches:

Alice and Sam decided to see each other before the ceremony and they were both so excited!

Sunny at White Lilac always does an amazing job with the decor:

Look how adorable this flower girl is:

I love this moment--because Alice's parents aren't around, Sam walked her down the aisle:

Sam just has the best, most infections smile!

It was a little windy during the cermony

Some portraits on a great moody day:

Can you believe the height Sam gets with that jump?!

Veil limbo:

The lights in the room went back and forth between vibrant pink and blue all night--here is the light during a transition:

Alice and Sam did the best, coolest Michael Jackson-esque performance for their guests!

I haven't seen a good cake smash like this in awhile! Sam took it well though, of course:

A huge thank you to Braedon who came to shoot with me yesterday! Braedon's own wedding is in June, and I'm so excited to shoot him. What can I say, the man loves the camera.

Alice and Sam, you are such an awesome, dynamic, amazing couple! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming--it was like hanging with friends all day!

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