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A New Year, A New Site!!

Mon. January 3, 2011   |   my lifegossipclientsphotographers
Well hello there!  You may notice that things look a bit...different around here, but at least in my humble opinion, they're a whole lot better!
I think change is always a little hard to deal with and a bit uncomfortable at first, and like for anyone, making a big change in my web presence and branding is certainly an adjustment!  However, I think that my new site is a much better reflection of me, my personal style, my philosophy about shooting, and shows my photographs in a better way.  

What's new?  Well, everything!!

-I FINALLY have a fully developed "about me" section complete with an amazing video by Cana Video Productions
-My blog posts now show up in abbreviated format to let you scroll and find posts more easily
-Updated BRANDING!  Thanks to the boys of Reddoor LA for their stellar graphic design work.  You outdid yourselves this time!
-A Press and Clients page for, obviously, press and clients (being filled in as we speak today)
-Trever Hoehne shot all the photos of me on the "About Me" and "Experience" sections.  Thanks Trev!
-A "Stuff I Love" section in the "About Me"--my favorite part of the site
-A better gallery section (being filled in today as well)
-I am SO EXCITED to announce that I have taken on my first ever associate photographer!  Her name is Katie and her blog and profile will be coming soon :)
-Advertising!  If you are interested in ad rates, please send an email to
-HUGE thanks to Brock Martin for doing all the programing and making this site really sing!

This site isn't the only new thing--I also have completely new presentation folders for pricing, as well as custom letterpress notecards.  I'll be sharing those and giving away a set of the notecards today or tomorrow to one awesome reader!

So poke around, discover the little nooks and crannies of the new site, and enjoy!

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