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My Little Turkey

Tue. November 8, 2011   |   my life

Halloween is a holiday I haven't really cared much for in recent years.  It's mostly fun when you're in a different stage of your life--a kid (fun to get candy), a college student (fun to wear something scandalous and go to bars), or a parent (fun to watch your kid having so much fun!  Until this year, it's been quite awhile since I was in one of those categories.  Now that I'm a parent, it's fun again!

However, Locke is still too little to know or care about Halloween, which is actually fun for me anyway because I got to pick his costume!  I figured, why not pick one he could wear twice--on Halloween AND Thanksgiving!

It didn't take me long to pick Locke's turkey costume--it was adorable online.  I knew he was really too small for it, but i figured, hey, we'll give it a shot.  So off we went to the pumpkin patch!  Well, we really shouldn't have taken him right at naptime...but he's only even HAD a set naptime for a few days so far!

He went from sleepy


in about 30 seconds flat!  Poor little turkey!  After he napped, we were at a friends house so I decided to try one more time:

No such luck.  At least I got ONE (and I mean, exactly one) of my little turkey looking happy-ish:

As with most things about parenthood, our day did not go as planned.  But as with most things about parenthood, we will love remembering it anyway :)

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