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Black Swan/White Swan

Thu. March 10, 2011   |   i do
I saw the movie Black Swan.  Who didn't?  It's EVERYWHERE!  Even if you didn't see it in the theater, chances are you saw the gorgeous poster of Natalie Portman in her full on swan makeup.  If you did see it, you'll know that it was visually stunning--both beautiful and dark, and completely captivating.
So I thought, why not twist it into a wedding theme?!

I knew though that this shoot could be either super awesome or a flop, which is why I needed someone incredibly creative to style & put it together.  Well, I couldn't have dreamed up a better team, headed and created by the amazing Jill LaFleur:

Photography:  Jessica Claire
Vendors:  Designer/Wedding Planner:  Jill La Fleur, La Fleur Weddings & Events
Florist: Camilla Svensson Burns
Hair/Makeup: Cathryn van Breene
Dresses: Romona Keveza &  by www.bhughesbridalformal
Tux: King Tux
Cellist: Lars Hoefs 
Head pieces by: 

The theme>  A wedding version of Black Swan:

Many of the elements were inspired by a little girls' dream of what a wedding should be like:  tutu's, old fashioned vanity, ballet portrait, and vintage jewelry:

An old fashioned record player--I can just imagine the music it might have played for this theme:

A lace tablecloth, an antique brush and comb set, worn in ballet shoes...all loveliness:

And a grown up little girl playing dress up:

Even the flowers wore tutus thanks to Camilla:

For the Black Swan twist, we had a stunning girl in Romona Keveza with flowers as vivid and frantic as one would imagine:

The perfect foil to the good girl White Swan:

the Black Swan:

This Vera Wang gown is just too gorgeous for words:

A more couture look for the edgier sort:


...and Spice!

And all things nice!

Jill's most brilliant touch--hanging tutu's over top of the table!  It looked so whimsical and fanciful!

And what could top off a dramatic ballet shoot more than a cellist playing in the background?  He was incredible--shooting with this playing in the background was surreal:

The story begins with a girl, getting ready to meet the man of her dreams:

She thinks about heels, but decides to stay true to the style:

Even the napkin wore a small tutu:

But then a wrench in the plans...the black swan:

He doesn't seem to notice:

But her bow bewitches...

A twirl around the dance floor:

Our good girl dances alone:

Another bouquet., because, why not?!

The wings sprout!

A shorter dress for her dance time:

I love the contrast:

Our groom was adorable!


Naughty and nice:

Who will win out?

Our white swan?

Perfect poise:

Perfect tutu:

Or our black swan:

A wing swap:

A last consideration:

A final plea:

the Black Swan gets what she wants:


Thanks to ALL who participated in this shoot!  I was transported, if only for a day. xoxo
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