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Hung & Jen: Engaged!

Tue. April 26, 2011   |   will you
Yesterday I went up to Newport Beach to photograph a gorgeous engagement session for Hung & Jen!  Earlier in the week I was a little concerned that we would be shooting in overcast weather--now there is nothing wrong with an overcast day, unless you've got bright, sunny, bike riding engagement photos in mind!  Needless to say, I was quite thrilled when the sun just wouldn't quit, and we proceeded to shoot with the sun on our shoulders.
We chose this location for two reasons:  1.  Because it's beautiful and what else could you want in an engagement session location, and 2.  Hung and Jen actually do bike ride together frequently and often come to this area together!  We had so much fun playing on their bikes and exploring the location!

This made me want to break out my bike:

But I spend most of my time biking doing this (walking my bike up the hills):

I have to say, it makes shooting SO much fun when the couple loves each other this much and has this much fun together!

Jen's balance was quite impressive!

A quick change of clothes and we moved onto some nice relaxed portraits:

Jen looks so tiny in Hung's arms!

I love the mood of these two:

And the light of these two:

We wandered into this hidden forest area!  Score!


I just love their love:

I will definitely be shooting here again!

I was almost magical:

I think Jen will be a stunning bride:

You can tell a lot about a couple by how they interact with one another.  I know that some people are more comfortable than others in front of the camera and being touchy in public, but it's nice when a couple is comfortable with each other:

And think each other is really cute:

Something about this one makes me keep looking at it:

Probably my fave of the day. It's too bad these flowers don't bloom all year

The late afternoon golden light:

I LOVE these next two:

One last one, on the way out:

Jen & Hung, thank you SO much for being you!  I can't wait for your wedding in August :)
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