Hana & Edwin’s Engagement

Fri. May 7, 2010  |  will you
Just because it's Friday, and just because I'm stoked to be shooting Hana & Edwin's wedding on Maui in September, I thought I'd leave you for the weekend with just one shot from today that makes me happy! Have a wonderful weekend!
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Katie & Dave, Engaged!

Thu. April 29, 2010  |  will you
I have to start this post by saying that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have no idea sometimes how my life worked out to be how it is, and a big part of that has to do with the relationships I have with my clients. They are just AWESOME people, and getting to know them is my favorite part of what I...
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An Orange County Engagement Session

Fri. March 26, 2010  |  will you
Believe me, it is not lost on me that at some point I need to stop posting a photo a day and pony up with the full posts, but hey--at least you're getting more blog, more often, right?! I've been traveling so much lately that I'm so excited to have the next month with NO traveling at all--what a...
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A Glimpse

Tue. March 23, 2010  |  will you
Today I spent the afternoon on a tugboat on the San Francisco Bay. It is days like this when I realize how much I am blessed to be living this life! I've got lots in the works to blog fully, but this can tell the story in short for now:
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An Engagement Session in 14 Minutes

Wed. November 25, 2009  |  will you
When superstar wedding coordinator (my wedding coordinator) Angel Swanson of Love and Splendor asked me if I would be able to do holiday photos of her and her husband Erik, I was flattered, and a little nervous. Angel & Erik have been shot by some of the best: Amelia, Jasmine, and Nate & Jaclyn...
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Lisa & Shaun’s San Antonio Engagement Session

Sat. October 31, 2009  |  will you
What is the proper beginning to a love story? Is it traditional dates with roses and candy? Is it a setup through friends of friends? Lisa and Shaun might tell you it's going to Jamaica on spring break in college, recognizing an electric connection in someone you meet randomly, and five years,...
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an engagement shoot in beverly hills. On a rooftop. Of the raddest hotel ever.

Fri. July 31, 2009  |  will you
I remember my life by milestones, and by before and after's. Before I moved to California....before I was a photographer...after I discovered the 50 1.2. I am currently living in "before I knew about the incredible-ness that is the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills". I got an email from Jay that went...
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Cheyenne & Daniel’s Engagement!

Tue. July 14, 2009  |  will you
They showed up looking cooler than cool, with the wind in their hair and a gorgeous sunny backdrop on the day of their engagement shoot. They are smart---business school grads. They're athletic--Cheyenne played college basketball. They're kind--wanting to invest in companies who just need an...
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Kristen & Nick’s engagement (and best proposal ever)

Mon. July 6, 2009  |  will you
Bet you thought I was gone, huh? I know I should grovel, tell you how much I suck at blogging, etc., etc. and it would all be true. But let's just try to forgive, forget, and move on, okay? First things first! The winner of the gorgeous black and white pillow below is Cass Comeford who said...
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A very VEGAS shoot

Fri. February 27, 2009  |  will you
When I go to Vegas for WPPI, I always tell myself that I'm going to take it easy, not over-extend, not do any shooting. Every single year, without fail, I refuse to do any of those things, and I'm always glad! While the week is exhausting and usually takes me a week to recover, I get opportunities...
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