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Can you help me ________?

Wed. February 2, 2011   |   photographersshutterbugs
I've said this before, but one of the biggest struggles I've had in my own business is the act of running my own business--by myself, alone in my house, with nobody else around.  I have often felt isolated and bored, even when I've been overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work to do, and I know that even a small amount of interaction with others would help a ton.
There have also been a ton of times that it would be so nice to just be able to ask someone, "Hey, how do you do _______ or, Can you help me _______?"

Call it a water cooler, call it a community, but it finally exists and in a form that is FAST, SIMPLE, and FABULOUS

That place is the [ b ] school

When the site launched a couple of years ago, it quickly developed a strong community of photographers that filled it with knowledge of all kinds.  But now, for the first time, it is relaunched  and is so fast and sleek, it's almost impossible NOT to spend a few minutes on there chatting and learning!  I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has photography questions, wants to meet and work with other photographers, or who just wants a few minutes of real-time interaction during the workday!
I'll be in there, so swing by my locker and say hi :)

OH!  And I will be chatting LIVE tomorrow, Thursday, at 4pm PST at, so tune on in and say hello, and ask questions!
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