Chuzai Living: What a transformation!! I'm so inspired by the way you decorate and photograph your rooms. Absolutely gorgeous!! This time of the year, it's always fun to see the transformation from the fall decoration to winter decoration. Thanks for the credits, too! Kaho 12.27.10, 8:15AM
{15:51} photography: That's it...I'm officially inspired! 12.17.10, 11:10AM
Lauren: One more! Where did you get the "THANKFUL" sign from? Did you make it? LOVE IT! 12.13.10, 2:46PM
The Best Digital SLR: You have some beautiful photographs in this article. I found it by accident and am so glad that I did. Thank you for sharing them. 12.10.10, 2:47AM
Alexandra Hunt: We have a lovely artificial tree, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY (did I mention REALLY?) love the look of a flocked tree. Just sublime. 12.9.10, 6:03PM
Miz Boo: What a beautiful mantel and tree! You have wonderful style! 12.9.10, 4:32PM
William Scarvie: I always look forward to your posts, Jessica, but I enjoyed this one particularly. It's clear that your sense of photographic style carries through into the decor in your house. And thanks for the sourcing information! Wish we could come to the party. I hope it's as much fun as it sounds! 12.9.10, 4:22PM
~abi~: i love this post! your house looks amazing, jessica! 12.8.10, 11:31AM
denise karis: i love your fireplace! so cozy and bright :) have a good party, merry christmas, jessica! 12.8.10, 7:14AM
s h e r r y: :) I love the decorations at your place! <3 So festive~ 12.8.10, 1:17AM
Ashley: Jeff and I will be there! Can't wait! 12.7.10, 9:23PM
Megahn Carson: I love your sign that Jessica & Jeff do you mind me asking where you got it?? 12.7.10, 12:19PM
Rich Park: wish my wife and i lived nearby to make it for the party! great seasonal decorating, your place looks so fun and inviting! 12.7.10, 10:54AM
Katie: So fabulous! You could easily be an interior designer if you weren't a photographer! ;) 12.7.10, 2:37AM
christina Graziosi: hi! love your blog and that coffee table! where did you get it? I'm moving soon and would love a coffee table like that : ) 12.6.10, 9:20PM
Alex: I looove it :) 12.6.10, 9:16PM
lisa Cour: so pretty! I like the white and silver look. I love to have a house full of people, too. 12.6.10, 8:36PM
Amber: Where'd you get your stockings? The house looks great btw. 12.6.10, 7:32PM
Heather Ellis: Oh I wish I could experience a winter Christmas, looks so beautiful! Love your unique style!! And I'm loving my new shootsac , thanks for international shipping! :-) 12.6.10, 7:29PM
Karen: I'm with Dara, your decorating style is amazing...where did you get that couch?!?!?! Thanks! 12.6.10, 7:09PM
Ginger Murray: Jealous of your fireplace! So nice. I love your snow covered tree. And holy crap, your dog got big! 12.6.10, 6:31PM
Dara Curtis: LOVE your couch! We're in the market and if you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know where you got it and if it's comfy cozy like it looks. :) PS You're a great decorator, the tree looks well worth the flocking mess. :) 12.6.10, 6:31PM