Engagement Photos at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano

Even though I've lived in Orange County for over ten years, this is the first time I've ever shot engagement photos at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.  I don't know if it was the beautiful light, the gorgeous couple, or the new location, but I just love the beautiful feel to these photos!

Debbie & Brent's Engagement

Ah, it feels good to be back in the (blogging) saddle! I've got literally years of catch up to do here, but I'm just going to jump in with one of my favorite sessions I never shared--Debbie and

Hung & Jen: Engaged!

Yesterday I went up to Newport Beach to photograph a gorgeous engagement session for Hung & Jen! Earlier in the week I was a little concerned that we would be shooting in overcast

Robert & Cecile's Engagement

When I found out that Cecile & Robert wanted me to shoot their engagement session in New York, I couldn't have been more excited! Traveling to shoot is (for me) one of greatest perks of my job (some

Natali & Brian's Engagement

Every year, I start out with weddings booked. And every year, there are certain ones that I look forward to just a little bit extra for one reason or another. Natali and Brian's wedding is one of

Hana & Edwin's Engagement

Just because it's Friday, and just because I'm stoked to be shooting Hana & Edwin's wedding on Maui in September, I thought I'd leave you for the weekend with just one shot from today that makes me

Katie & Dave, Engaged!

I have to start this post by saying that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have no idea sometimes how my life worked out to be how it is, and a big part of that has to do with the relationships I have

A Glimpse

Today I spent the afternoon on a tugboat on the San Francisco Bay. It is days like this when I realize how much I am blessed to be living this life! I've got lots in the works to blog fully, but

A very VEGAS shoot

When I go to Vegas for WPPI, I always tell myself that I'm going to take it easy, not over-extend, not do any shooting. Every single year, without fail, I refuse to do any of those things, and I'm

Allison & Delwin's Engagement!

Well, it just goes to show how terribly behind I am here, because Allison and Delwin are already married! I loved their wedding so much--I really wanted to post their wedding sooner, but I knew that

Thea's Bridal Experience

**If your name is Nilsson K., please close this blog right now. Do not scroll down, don't poke around, don't even think about looking any further than this one sentence. Thanks so

Ami & Scott: Chicago Edition

You might remember Ami and Scott from a session we did down in Laguna Beach earlier in the year! I am shooting their 10 year vow renewal at the very end of this year, and since they didn't have the

Christina & Joe's Engagement

This week, I got to shoot Christina and Joe's engagement session. When Christina and I were on the phone before the session, she asked if someone else could come along. Normally, I prefer when it's

Katherine & Ben's Engagement

Yesterday, I took a trip up to Santa Monica Pier to shoot an engagement session for Katherine and Ben. Not having met them before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, which sometimes adds a little

Andrea & Scott's Engagement!

Yesterday, I went down to Laguna Beach to shoot engagement photos for Andrea and Scott. I'm SUPER excited for their wedding in Maui next month at one of my favorite locations in the world,

Serena & Jeremy's engagement

On Sunday afternoon, I finally got the chance to shoot Serena & Jeremy's engagement session after a missed encounter or two! We decided on downtown LA to get some bright, funky colors and a few cool

Monika & Nicholas in NYC

The day after I shot Thea & Nilsson's engagement photos, I headed to a completely different part of the city for a session with Monika and Nicholas. As you'll see, these were two quite different

Tamar & Ken's Boston Engagement

So this past week I've been out of the office because Tamar and Ken asked me to come to Boston to shoot their engagement session! Every now and then I will shoot engagment sessions for non-wedding

Amy & Jason's Engagement

I've been out of town since Tuesday on a super secret shooting mission to be revealed soon, so I'm a teeny bit behind on blogging, but I just had to show you these engagement photos I shot last

Gary & Melissa's Engagement

A few days ago, I shot some engagement photos for Gary and Melissa, who will be getting married this summer up in Canada! If you are a photographer, unless you have been living under a rock for the

Kallissa & Paul's Engagement

I absolutely love shooting sessions that are out of the ordinary, and I love couples who want to bring a part of their relationship to the shoot and share with me what it is that they love. What

Lauren & Adam's Engagement

An excerpt from an email I received from Lauren last week when discussing her engagement session:"Our main request though is we'd like to get dressed up, then get insanely wet and sandy. Oh,

George & Amy's Engagement!

A couple days ago, George, Amy, and I headed out to shoot some engagement photos in time for their wedding at the St. Regis in June. We didn't know that there was an evil scorpion lurking about when

Jane & Jean's Engagment

Yesterday I shot some engagement photos for Jane & Jean in one of my favorite spots. I am shooting their wedding next month, and after receiving their information in the mail I was excited, and

Nick & Jennel's Engagement

Yesterday, Nick & Jennel made the long trip out here to Orange County to shoot some engagement photos with me! You might remember Nick & Jennel because they are two of my contest winners,