An Incredible Los Angeles Home

The day we bought our first house was the day I realized that what I actually wanted was to completely remake my house into a new one. Remove this wall, change the floors, leave no wall

2013 Holiday Mini Sessions!

It's HOLIDAY MINI SESSION TIME!!Yup, I'm making this announcement even before Halloween :) Brace yourselves!I have decided to open up one full day of shooting holiday

Holiday Family Sessions!

Attention holiday card slackers! Just as I did last year, I have decided to open up one full day of shooting holiday mini-sessions so that you and your fam can get a holiday card out this year,

Andrea's Birth Story

After being a photographer for a long time, fewer and fewer things come up that I haven't at least once experienced photographically. But recently, an opportunity came up that I just couldn't

Sarah + Lando = Pia

Sarah and Lando and I go way back. I remember the first time I met Sarah, a bride to be in 2005.  We excitedly discussed her wedding, and planned an engagement shoot  for her &

Judith & Mike's Maternity Photos

One of the things I LOVE about being a wedding photographer is getting involved in the lives of my brides and grooms! Not much makes me happier than when I get a call from a past couple or

An English Garden Shoot

This shoot isn't ready to show yet, but I just had to share one photo from the absolutely AMAZING English Garden styled shoot that I did yesterday that was put together by the super talented

Frankie & Ruby

When a family has a new baby, it can be chaotic, especially when there's another little one running around. I think it's normal to feel overwhelmed, and there's probably a whole mix of other emotions

Kristin + Gordon = Nathan

Meet Nathan. Nathan is a gorgeous, plump, healthy baby who watches everything! He has a peaceful, content air about him, and even though he's just a baby, just isn't the type to get worked up over

Never Have I Ever: Unblogged Images

Then there was a trip to NYC to shoot Robert & Cecile's engagement photos and to speak at one of the Shootsac retail partner stores, Adorama Camera! Adorama has been a wonderful partner to us, and I

John & Amy's Maternity Photos

John and Amy made the trip down from LA the other day to have me shoot their maternity photos! Married for two years now, they were ready to start their family and couldn't be more excited for the


I met Elisabeth for the first time four years ago when she was nine, at her sister Jessica's Bat Mitzvah. Jessica too, was one of those people who seemed older than her years, and who I have though

Uno, the french bulldog puppy

"But I'm a WEDDING photographer", I thought to myself. What am I doing here?! I've always liked dogs--well, most dogs. Dogs are a lot like people, with personalities, quirks, and attitudes!


Today I photographed a french bulldog by the name of Uno. I haven't had a chance to go through them all yet, but for now, I will share this one (Uno) with

Just one...

If you were wondering how my newborn twin shoot went today, I will leave you with this image until I can post the full

I done got behind again

So many shoots, so little time! The past few weeks, I've been shooting up a storm, and I'll be spending some time this weekend and early next week cooking up a TON of new blog posts for you.

A Winter Wonderland Shoot

We saw the location from the side of the road. "NO TRESPASSING", declared the sign in the front, but we willfully pulled our car into the snowbank on the side of the road and unloaded bright

Preston + Teresa = Grayson

I get asked this question all the time: "How do you get into shooting Destination Weddings?" My answer? "You need a couple like Teresa and Preston." Back in 2004,

Meet Jill

I met Jill when I was in Mexico for the Jose Villa Workshop--you can **click here** for the post. Every now

A Very 70's Teaser :)

I shot the CUTEST, most fun portrait session yesterday of San Diego wedding photographer Jill Thomas. I am not going to link to Jill's site today because she is about to launch her new blog and

A Portrait of a Mom and Her Girls

I met Stacey a couple of months ago when she did the makeup for one of my brides for her engagement shoot. I loved her work and had her do my makeup for a shoot I was having done of myself some time

State of the Blog Address

Isn't it easy to get wrapped up in your life? This year, I'll admit, between being engaged and married, moving, and a bunch of other pretty life-changing stuff, I did not prioritize posting on this

The (complete) Nuzman Family

Sometimes I am not as good of a friend as I could be. I try hard all the time, but every now and then, time will get away from me and I realize it's been weeks or sometimes even months since I

Yes, even more updates!

Looks like I have a few more shoots I need to update you on! Did I mention I had a blast at Image X workshop in New Orleans? I've mentioned before that I don't do much teaching, but I had such a

Katie & John's Maternity

Can I take a mulligan on the blogging every day? Or just a fresh start, turn over a new leaf, blah blah? How about this, let's just be realistic and say I try to step it up to blog at least 4-5

Addison & Ainsley Sneak Peek!

Last week, I shot a session with two of the kiddos in my neighborhood, Addison and Ainsley. I used them as models for a full day one on one consulting workshop and since I know their mom Robyn will

Maternity sneak peek

I shot an INCREDIBLE maternity session today! I'll be doing a long post on these in the next week or two, but for now, here's one of my faves from our

What was I really doing in Vegas?

Believe it or not, I actually had a legit reason for going to Vegas, besides just playing poker (I did win enough to pay for my Main Event seat though, so I'll be headed back in about three weeks,

Jaime's Headshots

Today I'm posting from Santa Barbara, where I'm staying for the weekend to hang out and to shoot a wedding with my good friend David Jay! I

Guess who I shot today?

I've talked about this a bit here on the blog before, but I'm always very flattered and a little nervous when other photographers hire me. There's a added pressure because a photographer knows when

E's Bar Mitzvah: Part 2

Wow, did E. ever rock his Bar Mitzvah! The took parties to a whole different level. E's parents are very smart people. Smart enough even to rent out a club with two parts, one for the

E's Bar Mitzvah: Part 1

**ANNOUNCEMENT** THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO SEND ENTRIES FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CONTESTThis weekend is a huge weekend for me, shooting Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.

Welcome Everette!

This past week, I shot a little ceremony for an adorable family to welcome their latest addition, Everette! Everette already has two older sisters, and it was so much fun to see the resemblance

Are pregnant women sexy?

Earlier this week, I went over to Erynn & Patrick's home to photograph them featuring Erynn's 9 month pregnant belly. She's due to give birth the day after Christmas, so I wanted to make sure we got

Nicola's Un-Birthday!

Yesterday, before Liz & Derek's wedding, I had the chance to shoot a crazy awesome birthday party for 4 year old Nicola! You might remember me shooting an Alice in Wonderland party a few months back

#31-reconnecting with old friends

One of the people on my #31 that I decided I wanted to see was my friend Matt. Matt and I became friends in college, and the truth is that there are practically no memories from a certain few years

Nikki, Graham, and Jack

The other day, I did a family shoot in Laguna Beach for a great little family. They hold the record for people coming from the farthest to shoot with me, Nikki, Graham and Jack are from Scotland!

Jackson & Theo

The other day I go to go up to LA to shoot with a couple of great kids and their mom. Jackson and Theo are little balls of energy, little boys through and through! One of the things I love about

Shoshi's having a baby!

One of my favorite past wedding clients, Shoshi, is having a baby, and soon! The other day, I got to go and shoot some pre-baby photos of her, her husband Faivel, and their little one, who will be

My Cousin Philip

Well, you know it's wedding season when I haven't had a chance to even blog the last wedding I shot! Don't worry, it's coming. Between the traveling, shooting and shootsac, my family vacation

Annabelle in Wonderland!

Yesterday I took a trip up to LA for my little cousin Annabelle's 5th birthday. This year Annabelle's parents got smart--they combined her party with two other girls (twins) and had a huge blowout

The Boys of

One of the most asked questions about the Shootsac is, "are they just for girls", and I want to say it loud and clear--NO! Now, I'll admit that it's a little bit tougher for a guy to be able to put

Lauren's Bridal Portraits

Yesterday I went up to LA to shoot Lauren's bridal portraits. Lauren is from Oklahoma City and was out here with her fiancee Scott a couple of months ago to do their engagement photos, so I was

Tamara's Boudoir Shoot

THE PASSWORD TO THIS POST IS: claireShooting boudoir sessions is fun! The other day, I went over to shoot with Tamara to get some sexy photos for her to give her husband to be (in TWO

Maritza's Boudoir Photos!

THE PASSWORD FOR THIS POST IS CLAIRE--just type it in above to see all the photosI can't believe I haven't blogged this sooner! A few weeks ago I shot boudoir photos for a beautiful bride to


Meet Brooke! Brooke is the newest coordinator on board with Jeannie Savage, the fantastic Orange County wedding coordinator who runs Details

Samantha & Friends

A few months ago I got an email from Samantha with an interesting request. She was turning 21 and wanted to hire me to shoot photos of her with all her closest friends! This big crew trecked out

A Boudoir Shoot!

THE PASSWORD TO THIS POST IS: CLAIREOne of the coolest things about this blog is that I have the ability to password protect the whole entry or even parts of it for various reasons! I am