The day we bought our first house was the day I realized that what I actually wanted was to completely remake my house into a new one. Remove this wall, change the floors, leave no wall unpainted.  A never ending slew of light fixtures, hardware, and furniture captivated my every waking moment.  And then I ran out of money (read:  had two babies and realized that the closer we could get to living in a padded room the better) and haven't done much since.
Well, imagine for a moment that you really can make your house into your dream house.  And that you've spent years imagining every possible permutation until you finally settle on THE ONE way that things should look.
Perhaps you'd come out with something like this:
A gorgeous white house with black trim and a brick walkway:



An entrance way with the most perfect pale pink light fixture you'd ever seen:


And a view into the living room that could make a Real Housewife jealous:


I think you'd want a room that looked effortlessly chic, yet comfortable enough to pull up your feet and have a cup of coffee:


And just the right chairs to make a guest feel like they landed in some fantastic land where every conversation just seems better:


Maybe a little lucite table with perfect little accessories:


And monogrammed coasters for good measure:


Check out the chevron tile work in the fireplace! By the way, this is a working, wood burning fireplace:


Me? I would have lots of little whimsical touches, and of course, a fully stocked bar for entertaining:


But if you're anything like me, you'll want to have a room where your kids can watch TV, something less....white :)


Your first order of business would be a pattern so perfect that it just had to be the center of the room:


A green chair that might have come right off the set of Mad Men, and gold bookends that anyone who saw them would want to casually slip in their (very large) purse and walk out whistling and avoiding your eyes. And of course, wallpaper so special that it would take MONTHS to acquire and install perfectly:


Black bookcases, and art everywhere that makes you stop and stare:


A view from the kitchen, and you can see that there are black pocket doors peeking out. Pocket doors are, of course, the solution to all of lifes' problems.


But if you were choosing your perfect house, the one thing I know for 100% sure is that it would have a kitchen like this one:


White marble, stainless steel, black cabinets, gold fixtures....there's a song or a poem in those words, I just know it!


This table was built by Herb Ritts' father, a master craftsman:



An unexpected touch for the barstools:


Glass and gold fixtures as far as the eye can see:


Now, we will retreat upstairs:


Let's start with the childrens' rooms. Obviously your children would always keep their rooms looking perfect in your dream home:



Oh look! The lady of the house makes a rare cameo:


Every detail would be both functional, beautiful, and adorable:


But where would you sleep? In a slice of pale pink perfection, obviously:


What? You'd need a darling gold and glass light fixture?  Me too:


Pink, check, stripe, check :)


Every fabric would be luscious and feel like good quality:


But the bathroom....that would be my retreat:


And this light fixture would be my prize posession:


Once I was done with the inside, I'd go sit casually on my back patio and congratulate myself on a job well done :)


Design by Abby Wolf Weiss InteriorsConstruction & Remodel by 24 Design Construction
K, this house is spectacular. I have no idea how you're going to top this!
Everyone else--feel free to PIN till your little hearts are content!  :)